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April 16th Orioles vs Chicago White Sox

Goober Noodles

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Not allow any runs? ;)

When Maddox was with the Braves, I watched him lose a 2-1 game... in the interview after the game, they asked him what went wrong. He said the problem was him because he gave up too many runs, and talked about the mistakes he made. He wasn't kidding, he meant it. Really.

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Loewen managed a QS in spite of missing some by 2 feet, Johnson looked great, and Bradford's GB's quit having eyes. Plus, there was a play at the plate where Ramon was actually in the right place. So, there's lots to feel good about.

Contreras just kept everybody off-balance with his 63 different speeds, that's all, and Loewen threw 1 fat one. It happens...

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