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April 16th Orioles vs Chicago White Sox

Goober Noodles

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Trembley seems like someone i'd love to watch a game with. I thought his emotional reaction to Markakis fielding the ball in right was classic: "Throw him out!"

I really really like Dave Trembley, I think we have a keeper as a skipper.

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What did Trembley do, for those of us without cable?

It is "Wired Wednesday". MASN was interviewing Trembley for most of the top of the 3rd inning.

On the double by Thome, Markakis fired it into second and Thome was safe. Trembley told Gary Thorne that he was glad he was safe and that it was obvious because he didn't know how he would go out there with the microphone on his head. Thorne, Martinez and Trembley were having some good laughs about that.

Then when Markakis slid to try to catch the hit by Konerko unsuccessfully, Markakis rebounded and fired into third to try to throw out Thome. Trembley bursted out "Throw him out" as Markakis did just that. He seems really really cool.

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    • Hopefully someone in that lineup can get a hit with RISP.  If we get just 1 that will double the number of hits this homestand.  1-31 and counting.  
    • I see both sides of this sub-argument, but the main takeaway is that whether the twins valued Cano or not, and they obviously were willing to give him up, Mike specifically wanted him because he saw something that could be developed, and he was right. So Mike DID value Cano; he wasn’t a throw-in, but a specific target. Good on him.  And Mike has had many such gambles that paid off in multiples, and relatively few that were duds. The obvious problem is that Mike is happy with these little gambles, but we are at the point in the team maturation process as well as in the season, where he needs to be willing to pay real prices for real value, where each team is fully aware of what is leaving and arriving. And Mike sure hasn’t done that. What he has for sale is less desirable than what he wants, the price isn’t going down for the good stuff, and he won’t pay it, so we just picked up another freebie in Vinnie.
    • They are 6-19 on the first pitch the last 5 games.  So if the teams are making adjustments it isn’t helping them any.   
    • Agreed; I'd love a high upside HS bat with first pick and I'd be ok with Honeycutt at 32 but definitely not at 22.  I'm still very wary of those bat to ball skills...or lack thereof...
    • I am glad the Orioles have gotten a ton of value from Cano and Coulombe, but I can't say I am excited for the matchup in a playoff series with Minnesota where they have the top five relievers they prioritized retaining, and guys they let go are pillars of our bullpen. We'll know in 16 days, but hopefully Rob is correct about four new pitchers.    The Corbin Burnes mercenary solo show could use becoming a basketball team.
    • Keith laws last mock has us taking Kellon Lindsey, but the more interesting note is that he states that is the only high school hitter that he has heard connected with the orioles (hopefully that means at 32, but could mean in general). It fits with what we’ve seen us doing over the last 5 years, not what we’ve been hoping for with higher upside prep bats like Gillen   Law mentions we are Honeycutt best bet to be a first round pick. He seems to think there’s a good chance Honeycutt falls out of the first. I certainly wouldn’t mind him at 32, or wonder if he’d take a underslot at 22 if he’s looking at being a comp a or second rounder.     
    • Yes, but this is an easy adjustment point we can be countered on if the other teams in the league figure it out... which they were bound to do in the age of analytics.  They're not stupid. So now opposing pitchers have gone from throwing a hittable, get-me-over strike one pitch that our guys can clobber, to very often throwing stuff that "looks-hittable-but-is-actually-moving-junk" on that pitch.  And because the guys haven't shifted gears, they're falling for it and making poor contact.  When they adjust, you have to adjust back. 
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