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What is the next move to find the hitter we thought we had?


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I am hoping we can move on from the disappointment and focus on what our next move is going to be. Spring training is already here and the longer we wait the less time the new player will have to get in shape for the 2016 season!

DD said before, we might even find the solution or in house, and he would be scanning the wire reports when teams start having to make their cutdowns.

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Don't trade for Jay Bruce. Maybe trade for Nick Markakis if the price is right, but stick with Rickard. He doesn't work, trade for someone who can.

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Agree with you on Bruce.

How is the price right for Nick, the doctors didnt want togo 4 years, and he still has 3 years under existing signed contract.

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    • And... today's interest rates will not be here forever. I can earn 5% practically risk free in a CD, but in 2-3 years I have to renew it at who-knows-what rate. 
    • Apparently he is also seeking extensions. The problem appears to be what many on this board were saying it likely was instead of a JA problem.     
    • Looks like Eduardo Rodriguez to the DBacks for 4/$80 mm.   Two observations: - Not an unimaginable contract - So much for ERod insisting on playing on the East Coast to be closer to his family.   
    • Of course, that $250,000 per year will be worth about $50,000 in today’s money in couple of decades.    I remember my dad telling me that when he was in law school (early 1950s) he and his friends agreed that if someone guaranteed them $10,000 a year for life, they’d be set.  
    • Seems like there was more to that interview.  Wish I could see the rest of it.  
    • Starter that would probably have been at AAA in 2024. Taken by the Guardians.  26, only 5'11".  Probably a reliever if he makes it to the majors. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=gillis000con   Not taken were: Hudson Haskin, soon to be 25 year old outfielder with 60 speed, and the ability to put up a 360 OBP and a 800 OPS in both AA and AAA.  2nd round pick.  Right handed bat who might be about to back up Mullins in center a some point in 2024.  Doesn't have to be on 40 man but could be in ST.  Coming off hip surgery that shorten his 2023.   Poor arm and lack of power make him a bench player.  But a good line drive hitter.  Makes up for poor jumps and routes with his speed. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=haskin000hud Maverick Handley, will be 26 years old in March catcher that could be the O's 3rd catcher in 2024.   Had a 373 OBP at AAA last year.  Good on the base paths.   Strong arm.  Threw out 34% of base stealer last year.  Doesn't need to be on the 40 man but will be in ST.  Had 9 errors in 2024 which  is too high. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=handle000mav        
    • He becomes a free agent at the end of the year.  It’s a one year thing.  If they are really good, it will have been worthwhile, but they could just be mediocre. 
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