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4/17/08 Pale Hose at Orioles

Why Not?

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I don't know about stats, but apparently Randy Marsh really hates the covering the bases segment because he has sure screwed Brian on the low and outside pitches all night.

At least he's not getting into drunken fights in the bleachers.

(South Park reference? Anyone?)

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It is really sad watching the crowd mentality in action.

I'll contribute:

Payton is witch! Burn her! She turned me into a newt! Burn her!

Ah yes, the superior vatech1994 puts all the inferior posters in their places yet again. Whatever would we do without your insightful commentary on our posts? :rolleyes:

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Ah yes, she who portrays herself as being even handed despite the fact that anyone with eyes can see that she defends her faves and abuses her doghouse players with an alarming hypocrisy. If you think I come across as feeling superior to you, it is only because you have clearly shown that to be a valid conclusion.

We can do this all night if you want to.

Beats watching this game....

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