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4/17/08 Pale Hose at Orioles

Why Not?

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I knew it was coming.

Yeh, he was under 100 pitches and had retired 12 of the previous 13 hitters. He was clearly done. Let's biitch about the manager. :rolleyes:

Good Lord some of you are tiresome.

What is tiresome is a rotation that routinely can not go beyond six friggin innings! Gutherie evidently was done which is why he gave up back to back homers.

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I'm waiting for this post:

Brian should swing at that last pitch despite the fact that it was about 5 inches outside. He has to protect the plate, right?

It has to be coming from one of our prolific posters or there would be a major inconsistency. Surely, that poster isn't currently defending Roberts and bashing the umpire for doing a poor job?

Oh for crying out loud get a life! I made an off the cuff comment several days ago that Millar should have swung at a close pitch because CB Bucknor was behind the plate and had been doing a terrible job all night as he always does. You proceeded to obsess about it for the rest of the game and now are at it again. I never said the strikout was more Millar's fault than Bucknor's, but I maintain that players need to do what they can to deal with obvious bad umpiring. My opinion of that pitch was that it was close enough that Millar could have been able to foul it off. In this case, Roberts got burned in the first inning trying to chase a low and outside pitch in the exact same place where Marsh had called a strike earlier in the at-bat. If I were him, I would not have trusted Marsh on the strike three call, just as I wouldn't have on the one to Millar the other night. However, since he had been burned once earlier in the game when he did what I suggested and went after a truly unhittable pitch that was being ludicrously called a strike, I can understand how the second time around he might have tried a different tactic.

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So, Carlos Quentin is uh, pretty good. How about that?

Also, since flame wars are more fun than this grim spectacle of a game, vatech, you can come across as trying to be superior sometimes, and blueberry, you do seem to have strong favorites and you let that bias your opinions.

Hopefully one of you can now yell at ME instead and I can really get into this :D

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