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4/17/08 Pale Hose at Orioles

Why Not?

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I'm waiting for the replay on mlb.com and Miller said he had fast hands - just a description of how he made contact.

It was a fastball up and in and Jones turned on it so fast he could've hit it behind him. It was smoked down the left field line and bounced into the corner.

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Guy jammed him for ball-1... the next pitch was high and on the outer-half of the plate, and he got around on it in a big hurry... down the LF line... first bounce fair, second bounce foul, third bounce and it caromed off the wall... basically, it was a good pitch to double down the RF line, but he put it down the LF line... looked like a combo of long-ish arms and quick wrists... hit it on the nose...about 2 seconds after Buck said he shouldn't try to be a hero... I don't think AJ was listening to Buck ;-)

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