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Jack Cust, back to the bigs!


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Jack Cust hit a three-run homer off Fernando Cabrera with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to give the A's a 10-7 win over the Indians on Sunday.

Barry Bonds, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero... There are some major league hitters you just can't let beat you in the late innings of a close game. Chief among them all, however, is almost certainly Jack Cust. Cust would have gotten his chance years ago, but every GM in baseball knew that to use him was to risk shaking the very foundation of the game. That Cust has had to wait until 28 for regular playing time will probably prevent him from reaching 1,000 career homers, which is a shame. Still, 500 is very much in reach, perhaps by the end of the season.

Haha. I nearly choked on the the beefaroni I was eating when I read this. Classy stuff:)

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All we got for him was nothing.

But to be fair let's look at some teams we'd all agree are better run that the O's...

all the A's got for him was nothing.

all the Padres got for him was nothing.

The A's got a second chance and it worked out, but much like the Orioles before this year both the Athletic and Padre organizations didn't think he was worth holding on to.

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