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I feel bad for Red Sox fans


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I subjected myself to nine innings of Jerry Remy and had to vent.

If, as the old joke goes, some folks have faces for radio, then Remy must have a voice for silent film. He's really hard to listen to; the Bostonian manner of vowel slaughter aside, he always sounds as if he's got a phlegm knot flapping deep in his larynx, threatening to choke him at his every utterance. I do think, though, that Remy is a good sight more objective about the game, particularly about the opposing team, than other announcers around the league. He seems complimentary of the Orioles when they play well, his tone quite different from, say, Ken Singleton on YES, whose general air suggests that anything good the Orioles do on the field is an unfortunate accident, or Hawk Harrelson, whose open cheering for the White Sox is just an insufferable mockery of the art of calling a ballgame.

The Red Sox occasionally have Dennis Eckersley on, and I find him much less pleasant than Remy. I'd rank Eckersley maybe just a notch above Keith Hernandez (who works Mets games for MSG) in terms of smugness, sliminess, and pure nasality. I grow clammy and nauseated with prolonged exposure.

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A lot depends when you came of age I think. A lot of people who became fans in the 80's and early 90's I notice tend to have Toronto higher than older and younger fans. For me as a fan who came of age in the mid 90'ss following Toronto's run it's

1.) Yankees

2) Red Sox

3) Jays

I used to feel that way, but in more recent years, the top spot has to go the Red Sox...mainly because of their snotty way of playing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline in the 7th inning of every game, with the entire stadium singing along. Glad to hear the commercials at this time, and only come in on the very end of the sing-a-long.

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I used to feel that way, but in more recent years, the top spot has to go the Red Sox...mainly because of their snotty way of playing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline in the 7th inning of every game, with the entire stadium singing along. Glad to hear the commercials at this time, and only come in on the very end of the sing-a-long.

Hahaha yeah I hate that too. Yanks are number one for me. I'm still not over 1996 and Jeffrey Maier. I don't think the Sox have ever beaten us in the playoffs. The only AL East team I don't have a problem with is the Rays. I respect them. Still enjoyed the sweep this weekend of course.

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Don't apologize for it. I can tolerate TB, but have absolutely no tolerance for the other three.

I have to watch the NESN/YES/Rogers feed here in Bermuda because I don't normally get B'more away broadcasts.

The clear difference in enthusiasm by the NESN guy when Crush hit his 3 run shot compared to Mookie Bett's solo one was night and day.

You might have thought Betts had just brought him to orgasm.

Remy is painful...really.

Makes me appreciate Bordick every little bit more.

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Nah. I'm sure they're much too busy taking guesses as to how much of what liquid(s) Thorne's had to drink that day. And loving it.

What's your guess with Gary? Not beer (too much liquid, carbonation is a no-go for broadcasters). Vodka? Whiskey? Bourbon? (Or as Lionel Hutz called it, "brownest of the brown liquors")

I'm going with vodka. Harder for Bordick to trace (Palmer probably can't smell much over the tan lotion, styling gel and cologne).

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Considering most Boston fans are also Patriot fans, just another reason, to not feel sorry for them. LOL

You forgot the Celtics. As if putting up with NE'rs isnt bad enuff with pink hat nation you have all the Cheatriot fans wearing their Tom Brady jerseys year round and most have never been o NE or couldnt even fnd it on the map if their life depended on it. And then there is the Celtics.

Nope, never feel sorry for any NE fan, for any reason. Feel sorry for the rest of the world that has to put up with them.

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