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April 23rd at Seattle


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Come on now... it's April. There are still plenty of games left to frustrate you more than this one. ;)

LOL, true that. I guess i'm just frustrated tonight because i'm tired because I stayed up last night to see a bad loss. And now i'm doing the same tonight and Luis sucks even more than normal and the ump is screwing us and I have to get up even earlier tomorrow. Oh, and i've been eating less and exercising this week trying to lose weight which makes me even more cranky.

Okay, rant over.

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If no one comes to watch the O's at home this season... they have COMPLETELY brought it upon themselves. I almost hope that NOBODY shows up to the home games... because this team doesn't deserve fans right now...

I can understand that the team is rebuilding and they won't be very competitive as far as wins go... but to play dumb baseball like this??? I feel like I've been watching a re-run of one game for the past 10 years.

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We need side-by-side multiple camera angles on that play...one on the ball and one on Huff.

How do you not score on a ball off the wall when you're on second?

It's the Orioles. They think Rick Dempsey, Jim Hunter and Buck Martinez are worthy of speaking into a microphone on the teevee. They can't afford that many cameras.

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    • Ugly lineup today given the injuries and poor performers.  Yuck.
    • First,  as I said,  in most cases we wouldn't be getting rid of them,  just lowering their playing time.   Urias and Mateo can stay on the roster,  just in more of a platoon/back up/role player.   I WOULD trade them too if the deal was right,  but they have value for the team,  though maybe not in constant starters role, especially with Mateo.  Frazier should have never been signed in the first place,  and while he's performed ok, .700 OPS, it's still below the league average of .728.  For Mateo and Frazier I think Ortiz and Westburg would improve the lineup while not really costing us much, if anything,  in the field.  Mateo has been that bad and I believe Westburg would be that good.  For me I'd trade/cut Frazier, use Mateo as a pinch runner/defense type with Urias getting the extra starts when Westburg/Ortiz/Henderson needs a day off.  To make room Frazier is gone and Vavra is optioned as having Urias and Mateo used like this makes Vavra not needed.      Second,  could they struggle?  Sure.  I'd rather them struggle now than in August.  That said we aren't asking them to replace great hitters.   Mateo and his .ops since May shouldn't be difficult for Ortiz to match or better, even if he struggles a bit, and the .700 Frazier has put up this year isn't a super high bar to clear either.   There is no guarantee that they will do it,  but that's one reason why Urias and Mateo don't have to be cut or traded, just moved into lesser roles.   They are there to help if the kids show they are overmatched.  I think that's very unlikely,  but isn't impossible of course.   Third, I think the lineup is an easier fix for us than the starting rotation.  We have the pieces in place already,  so use them.   That still leaves us with a deep farm system we can tap into if needed to shore up the pitching if we go that route.  I'm not against trading Westburg or Ortiz if the value is there.  Not many are untouchable for me,  though it'd take a good deal to get them imo.  Plus if you ask me,  I'd rather improve a position that plays almost every day versus just every 5th day.   I think adding a solid, consistent .700 ops or so at SS versus the sub .300 ops Mateo will win us more games overall than adding a #2/3 level starter,  which is likely what we get.   I doubt we are willing to pay the price for a true #1.  
    • Exactly. No team is going to be targeting Frazier at the deadline. In additon, he’s entrenched as a our starting second baseman and even if Westburg or Ortiz manage to reduce his playing time at some point, I don’t see the front office opting to trade him because he has no trade value given his salary.   The only scenario that I see Frazier being traded is if the team completely falls apart in the next two months and we become sellers. Even then, it would be more of a salary dump. 
    • It's painful to watch him actually take the ball and get a QS considering the Orioles paid him $14m per in the last two years of his contract.
    • How did Zimmerman look?  What is he throwing now?  I noticed he’s got a good K/IP ratio in AAA. I’ve been wondering if that is because of added velo, but didn’t see the game. 
    • Yes, disagreeing with Akins usage is valid, but that's a different argument than Hyde making a panic move, "quick hook" etc. I don't think Hyde was reacting to the game situation at all. IMO Akin's extreme splits last year support matching him up although it isn't working out this year. I personally am pretty much done with Akin. I think the matchup role is our last ditch at finding a good use for him. I hope Zimmerman gets a longer look and maybe provides a bulk option that should be Akin's role.
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