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Manny to play on Domincan team in WBC next year


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If the powers-that-be want the WBC to be taken seriously, to really be baseball's World Cup, they have a lot of issues to address including players getting to pick who they play for on a whim. I think that's an Olympic weak spot, too. Have some money and willing to pretend you're from another country? Good, now you're the curling team from St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

I like that in international soccer you pick a country you have citizenship in and as soon as you play a senior (i.e. adult) match for that country you're only eligible for them forever.

I guess I could get on board with the Greece baseball exception, since they hosted and nobody in Greece could make the cut on a decent adult rec league. Without Markakis and others it might have been 18-0 after the first inning.

Here was the last Greek team that played in the European championships. Not many from the home country.


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Pretty sure he was born in Florida, dont understand why anyone would want to represent a country they were not born in. My mother was born in Germany but I would never rep them over the US of A.

This is why:

"I think it's something that growing up, that my family always wanted. My mom and my grandfather, who is resting in peace right now, he always wanted to see me play for the Dominican. That's where we come from. That's where my family was born. I think this is more doing this for my mom and my family than anything else. I know they want to see me wear that uniform and see me out there, so it's going to be fun for them and be fun for me. We're just going to enjoy it and hopefully things go well and they're finally going to get their wish.

"This is not just for me. It's mostly for my grandfather and my parents. I know they've always wanted this. I know I've given them a lot and I think this is probably going to be the icing on the cake for me to be in the uniform where across the chest is where they were born and where they spent their lives. It's going to be pretty cool. And I get to beat Jonathan Schoop, too."


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Yeah its his decision to not play for his country but for another country. I will never understand.

I think it's pretty easy to understand.

He has pretty much outlined why. Disagree if you want, but understanding should be quite simple.

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So you wouldn't agree with Nick Markakis' decision to play for Greece in the Olympics?

At that time Markakis was still just a prospect and not yet good/experienced enough to play for the US team; but he was more than good enough to play for Greece. Machado obviously is good enough to play for any team.

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