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April 28/August 25, Orioles at White Sox


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Another great job to escape, but he is going to need to start mixing in some curves early in the count, which is admittedly not the easiest thing to do when it is cold, the ball is alot harder to grip.

Yeah and it looks like he's trying to, it's just difficult like you said.

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Cabrera has been really impressive so far. I'd like him to stay away from so many potentially dangerous situations, but he's managing to get out of them unscathed.

Loving what I'm seeing.

Now for the record I'm unable to watch the game on TV because my campus does not subscribe to the MASN networks, but how is this a good thing to see? Sure its beneficial to the game and team for Cabrera to work out of jams like this but isn't the whole problem with Cabrera the fact that he tends to work himself into such jams? Certainly he'll get out of them sometimes, but no pitcher can be perfect all the time and the more times you set yourself up to give up runs (ie walking and hitting batters) the more runs you will give up, regardless of your stuff.

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