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Why is TJ on the roster?


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It was asked in OP as to WHY T.J. McFarland was on the roster. I have pointed out as to why he is on the roster and the answer I get for my response is a view point of a poster that does not seem to understand the way movement of players from the Minors to the Majors works. I get the added response that the team as currently constructed can not win while being 12 games over .500 ball andin first place. Also while having what may be the best Manager in baseball of controlling the innings used by the bullpen to keep them fresh and with the Best ERA in the American League. I probably should have just directed some posters to the article writen by Roch on the MASN site about the Bullpen Management and left it at that.


I think I understand just fine how the sport works.

When is the last time Duensing has pitched? The idea that a matchup lefty can't soak up 3 innings after not pitching in awhile is impossible? If you get bombed you are only going 8 innings on the road anyway. I get why TJ is on the team completely. I think it is foolish to carry him and Duensing for a 4 game series vs that lineup with an off day after the end of the series.

And where did I say that Duensing would cover both melt down games? We have Worley on the roster.

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No anyone can't be a long man; Brach, Givens, Britton, are two inning guys and Duensing is probably one inning. Bundy, Worley, and TJ are stretched out to go 3+

Duensing hasn't pitched since June 4. One week ago. This would be a one time thing, not something he would be doing all the time.

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Brach is fine to go today. He went one inning basically and just 15 pitches.

Britton lately has been warming up almost every game. That is good because it means we are winning or close but he could use some days off. Giving our manager a 5 man pen in essence vs that team isn't a good idea. Brach could go today, I agree.

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Like I was saying..........

We play them again next week as well. Boston has Betts, Boegarts, Pedroia and Ramirez. Once again let's carry 2 lefties and one hadn't worked in a week. Get Duensing off the team if Buck is afraid to pitch him.

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