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Wednesday April 30th (D)Rays @ O's


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He already had one. He should be able to settle down and throw 5-6 innings. It doesn't seem to me that he's having bad command, he's just not throwing the ball where the ump is calling strikes. He seems to be trying to throw real low and just isn't getting that call. If he can make an adjustment and find some spots to get some groundballs, he'll be fine.

I hear ya. Just sayin', another 25+ pitch inning and he's in the showers.

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This game is looking like it will be one of the following 2 stories:

We make several baserunning mistakes, bad defensive plays, leave runners on base, walk guys, etc. but somehow keep it close and come back to win late.


We do all of the same as above and get blown out.

Not much focus tonight from the guys. Bad sign-getting/execution from Mora, bad defense from Albers/Roberts, walks by Albers, and bad baserunning by Millar.

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Good, I thought it was just me :P

(Well, NOT good...)

It does it all the time. The Yahoo one freezes up my crappy work computer and its blazing 256 RAM.

If I was a more motivated individual, I'd go to the rant section and spout off...but this works also.

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