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vs. Mariners 7/2


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American LeagueEast	W	L	PCT	GB	WCGB	L10	STRK	HOME	ROAD	LAST GAME	NEXT GAMEBalt	47	32	.595	-	-	7-3	L2	31-13	16-19	7/1 @ SEA, L 2-5	7/2 @ SEA, 10:10 PMBoston	43	36	.544	4.0	+0.5	4-6	W1	24-18	19-18	7/1 vs LAA, W 5-4	7/2 vs LAA, 7:15 PMToronto	43	39	.524	5.5	1.0	4-6	L2	19-19	24-20	7/1 vs CLE, L 1-2	7/2 vs CLE, 1:07 PMNY Y	39	40	.494	8.0	3.5	5-5	L1	23-18	16-22	7/1 @ SD, L 6-7	7/2 @ SD, 10:10 PMTampa	33	46	.418	14.0	9.5	2-8	L2	17-23	16-23	7/1 vs DET, L 2-10	7/2 vs DET, 4:10 PM

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Orioles: RHP Tyler Wilson (4-5, 4.50) has won his last two decisions, although in his previous start he allowed 10 hits and five runs in five innings of a 12-5 victory over Tampa Bay. In two career appearances against Seattle, Wilson is 0-1 with a 6.43 ERA.

Mariners: LHP James Paxton (1-3, 4.15) is one of the pitchers Servais is counting on in the second half despite just one win this season. He has had one career start against Baltimore, a 4 1/3-inning no-decision.


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Bryan Harvey, who led the AL in saves in 1991, is today's PotD <a href="https://t.co/UNoTapsq2t">https://t.co/UNoTapsq2t</a> <a href="https://t.co/fWxWOUCGmU">pic.twitter.com/fWxWOUCGmU</a></p>— Baseball Reference (@baseball_ref) <a href="

">July 2, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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<center><b><FONT SIZE="+3"><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">s</FONT></FONT>


<FONT SIZE="+3"><FONT COLOR="#000080">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#002b80">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#005680">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#008080">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#309090">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#61a1a1">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#91b1b1">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c0c0c0"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#91b1b1">M</FONT><FONT COLOR="#61a1a1">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#309090">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#008080">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#006180">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#004180">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#002080">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000080">s</FONT></FONT>

Game 3 (10:05)

<IMG SRC="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4evt_yR1gMU/UzTdlP6fzzI/AAAAAAAAA-c/aQl2QKl01Gk/s1600/Orioles3.gif" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0"> |=======| <IMG SRC="http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/53/75/full/1305.png" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0">

Team Records

47-32 |=======| 41-39

1st, +4.0 |=======| 3rd, -10.5

Streaks / L10

-2, Won 7 of 9 / 7-3 |=======| +2, Won 5 of 7 / 5-5

Team Offensive Rankings (AL)

BA: .269 (3rd) |=======| BA: .262 (6th)

OPS: .807 (2nd) |=======| OPS: .767 (4th)

Runs: 388 (2nd) |=======| Runs: 375 (5th)

HR: 123 (1st) |=======| HR: 113 (3rd)

Last 7 Days

BA: .319 (1st) |=======| BA: .279 (10th)

OPS: .904 (1st) |=======| OPS: .771 (12th)

Runs: 59 (1st) |=======| Runs: 31 (13th)

HR: 15 (1st) |=======| HR: 8 (15th)

Team Pitching Rankings (AL)

ERA: 4.22 (8th) |=======| ERA: 3.85 (2nd)

WHIP: 1.39 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.30 (5th)

BAA: .265 (11th) |=======| BAA: .250 (4th)

TB: 1118 (9th) |=======| TB: 1101 (6th)

Last 7 Days

ERA: 4.63 (8th) |=======| ERA: 4.57 (7th)

WHIP: 1.47 (11th) |=======| WHIP: 1.19 (3rd)

BAA: .274 (8th) |=======| BAA: .239 (3rd)

TB: 129 (8th) |=======| TB: 110 (4th)


ERA: 4.94 (12th) |=======| ERA: 4.20 (4th)

WHIP: 1.44 (12th) |=======| WHIP: 1.33 (5th)

BAA: .275 (12th) |=======| BAA: .263 (7th)

TB: 780 (7th) |=======| TB: 779 (6th)


ERA: 3.15 (4th) |=======| ERA: 3.27 (5th)

WHIP: 1.33 (9th) |=======| WHIP: 1.21 (4th)

BAA: .247 (7th)|=======| BAA: .222 (1st)

TB: 388 (9th) |=======| TB: 359 (5th)

NEW: Quality Start minimum requirements (experimental, suggestions welcome)

- 6 IP, 2ER

- 7 IP, 3ER

- Game ERA must be 4.00 or less


Tyler Wilson


4.50 (1.29/.265)

41K / 19BB, 10HR

QS: 3

Last 8 starts (47.1 IP): (2-4) 5.52 (1.44), 7HR


Wilson has only left the game three times this season with a game ERA of under four. Over the last eight starts, he has done it only once and his numbers over that span reflect that. He has allowed eight runs on 19 hits and three walks over the 11 innings since his start at Boston and allowed 10 runs in 9.2 IP in the two starts prior to that start. He has pitched at his best on the road though and he has never pitched at Insurance Company Field. However, the M's have hammered him pretty well over the seven innings he has seen them.

Splits & Sits

170 vs. left: .271/.325/.388, 4HR

165 vs. right: .260/.297/.436, 6HR

Bases Empty: .279

RISP: .290

RISP w/2 outs: .300

Men on w/2 outs: .263

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .417

2016 Away (5 starts, 1 relief)

(3-1) 3.38 (1.01/.226), 4HR

Career @ Safeco Field (0 starts)


Career vs. SEA (1 start, 1 relief)

(0-1) 7 IP, 8H, 5ER, HR, 3BB

vs. Batter

Robinson Cano 1/4, 2B

Seth Smith 2/4, RBI

Nelson Cruz 1/3, RBI

Adam Lind 1/3, 3-R HR

Ketel Marte 1/2, BB

Kyle Seager 0/2, BB

Leonys Martin 0/1, BB



James Paxton

(1-3) 4.15 (1.67/.320)

41K / 11BB, 3HR

QS: 2

Paxton is a decent arm, but he has struggled this season with getting people out whether they are righties or lefties. He has had three pretty good starts and three pretty bad starts with two of them coming in his last two starts. In 12.2 innings, he allowed 19 hits, five walks and nine runs. He has not, however, allowed a home run in four starts and he has gotten through at least six innings in four of his six starts. He has pitched better at home, but his last start against StL was at home and it wasn't good; five runs in five innings. In the other two home starts against Cleveland and Texas, he allowed a total of one earned run in 12.1 IP on 11 hits, three walks and a home run.

Splits & Sits

34 vs. left: .333/.412/.441

127 vs. right: .316/.346/.425, 3HR

Bases Empty: .351

RISP: .261

RISP w/2 outs: .188

Men on w/2 outs: .160

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .333

2016 Home (3 starts)

(0-1) 3.12 (1.38/.275), HR

Career vs Baltimore (1 start)

4.1 IP, 4H, 2ER, HR, 3BB

vs. Batter

Manny Machado 2/2, 2B

Caleb Joseph 1/2, S-HR

J.J. Hardy 1/2

Adam Jones 0/2

Jonathan Schoop 0/1, BB

Once again, Gausman couldn't hold on to a lead and gave up two home runs. One was a monster shot to Seth Smith in the first inning and the other was a two run blast off the bat of Seager in the sixth inning which ended up being the ballgame. Dae Ho Lee hit a two run shot of his own against Chaz Roe later in the game to seal the victory 5-2. The M's are playing really well right now after a rough June and will look to wrap up the series win tonight against Tyler Wilson with James Paxton on the mound.

Paxton has struggled this season especially over the last two starts, but he was pitching well before that for a few games so he is capable. Meanwhile, Wilson just hasn't been very good over the last eight starts and has not fared well in limited action against the M's.

Boston gained a game on the Orioles with their win last night and pull to within four games while Toronto lost to Cleveland in 19 innings for their second loss in a row and ultimately had to send position players to the mound. They sent Ryan Goins to the mound in the 18th who was apparently throwing knuckleballs, but the game winning home run came off of Darwin Barney. Can the Indians keep it going after that marathon game? They have now won 14 in a row and play a day game against Toronto today and currently trail 3-1 in the first inning. KC lost yesterday falling to a half game out of the WC while Detroit has won four in a row and are one game out. The Astros have taken that WC spot for now as they continue to just win having won four in a row now and 8.5 back of Texas. Can the Astros make the division interesting in the West? They are playing some great baseball right now.

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    • Regarding Cooper, he was a fantastic pitching coach for a long time, but the game simply passed him by.  Near the end of his tenure, after a tough season Giolito actually went and worked with Ethan Katz (our current pitching coach and his former HS pitching coach) and he came back new and improved.  Katz also got a ton of credit for developing Cease and getting Rodon to finally tap into his potential. A year ago I would have been high on Katz, but last year was such a disaster that I’m not sure what to think.  It’s clear he’s got a much more modern take on pitching than Cooper, but I also think the org in general is so behind the times when it comes analytics & biometrics that there is only so much he can do.  We don’t have a single voice driving an org wide pitching philosophy (which is evident in our PD system) or much of a pitching lab to get the most out of guys.  Hopefully that will change for the better with the addition of Brian Bannister. All that being said, I don’t believe for a second we get all we can out of our guys.  Katz obviously helped Giolito, Cease, & Rodon improve but these were all elite prospects acquired from other orgs.  We still struggle to unlock the next tier of guys, although I blame that on broader organizational issues than purely Katz.
    • I love this.  Most fans that go to the game live within 45 minutes of the ballpark I would suspect.  The good thing is you can get home by 10:00 most evenings.  
    • I selfishly don't like it, I'm a displaced fan in the central time zone.  5:30 weeknight start times are rough for me, the games are usually over before I get home from the office.  But they should make decisions based on the people who might actually go to the games. 
    • That's something that can only be determined in hindsight.  Lots of options and lots of flexibility this offseason to really set the team up for the next 2-3 years.  I'm very curious to see how it plays out.  Checking my crystal ball, I don't see Aroldis Chapman anywhere on the program
    • I agree and I don't want him on the team.  But I'm not sure this specific moment is more critical than say, when he picked Gunnar Henderson in the second round.
    • Perhaps he looked and doesn’t have the dough to spend or wants to part with the asking price for Cease or 1 year of the other guys rumored available. 
    • Spin rates and stuff like that are very good.               Eno Sarris   @enosarris · Follow I'm hearing that Naoyuki Uwasawa will be posted soon by his NPB team. His K rates haven't been amazing in Japan, but he has some interesting characteristics to his stuff. His fastball vertical movement (19 IVB) and spin (2650 RPM) would be top 5-10% percent in the league. 12:30 PM · Nov 22, 2023   245   Reply   Share
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