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I'm sure of this: swept by Washington


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Hey what can I say? I'm ready to try anything at this point to save the season. Go Nats (the jinx)!

No way we can win a game against them. Impossible. Can't happen. Won't happen. Under 500 since July 1. This is a terrible team headed for disaster.

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Associated Press:

"Orioles will be wearing throwback 1901 uniforms vs. The Nationals in the home and away series this week. The move is to honor the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt. Additional twist: all Orioles will wear replica Teddy Roosevelt oversized heads like those used in the Nationals Park Presidents' Race. Orioles skipper Buck Showalter could not be reached for comment."

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Hey hey hey - let's take it a game at a time! :cussing:

Roy predicts ruin and desperation after AJC is done with us tonight, so there is that. I prefer to watch each loss and hope for one win. As OFFNY might say, "Take it one game at a time and go from there!"

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