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Ray Knight crying about grounds crew watering down OPACY infield

Redskins Rick

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Knight was mentioned on 105.7 this morning.

Said they heard him last night complaining about the Oriole grounds crew watering down the infield and taking away the National's speed game.

Guess he has really turned into a Nats homer.

This is a trend the O's have been on for a while. After all they actually made it rain Sunday seeking to slow down the Astros.

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Him and Dempsey should get together. Maybe in the watered down grassy knoll was the shooter. Can't watch those post game shows. Too much stupidity is spouted.

Instead going to watch this when it starts. Now this is must see TV.


I wish there was a knob on the TV so you could turn up the intelligence. They got one marked "brightness" but it don't work, does it?

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"Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!"

From the Post:

The Orioles-Nationals on-field rivalry has occasionally sizzled, but more often hasn’t elicit as much passion as a typical divisional rivalry. Now a couple of MASN broadcasters are coming to the rescue.

First came Bob Carpenter, the Nats TV voice, who appeared on ESPN 980’s “The Sports Reporters” Monday afternoon, not long after Stephen Strasburg was sent to the disabled list. Thom Loverro was sitting in with the program, and he mentioned that he had just run into Jim Kaat in Baltimore.

“I love Jim Kaat, but he just tore this team a new you-know-what when the Strasburg shutdown happened,” Loverro said, then mentioning that MASN’s Gary Thorne had also been critical of the Nats back then.


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Bob Carpenter can be butthurt all he wants. Whatever. And if anything, he's proven Thorne right. They shut him down, lost in the playoffs, and 4 years later, he's having elbow trouble. Yeah, that shutdown sure worked out well....

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Bob Carpenter can be butthurt all he wants. Whatever. And if anything, he's proven Thorne right. They shut him down, lost in the playoffs, and 4 years later, he's having elbow trouble. Yeah, that shutdown sure worked out well....

The general vibe amongst DC media pundits is that the shutdown is vindicated because Strasburg's arm is still attached to his shoulder.

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