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May 10 @ Kansas City


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    • When’s the last time Urias played 2B?  We have Mateo and Westburg for 2B.    Mayo’s no lock.  Urias is a lock.  To be a .700 OPS guy give or take.  Mayo might be worse.  Might be the same.  Might be better.  Urias won’t be better.  You’re living in the past.  Urias was a plus 3B in 2022.  No matter how many times Kevin Brown calls him a gold glover he’s average at best.  At 3B, from  6 OAA in 2022, -7 in 2023, and a -2 so far this year.  And he’s so slow on the bases.  He’s not terrible by any means so hopefully we can get something.  Someone has to go for the future and the future is now.      Austin Hays is becoming a liability in LF.  He’s a -4 DRS and a -2 OAA.   Once you see Cowser out there and then compare it to Hays it’s like night and day.    He had 3 homers. 2 in one game and another when we were already winning by 20 runs.   He got some pinch hits.  Great.  He’s no threat in the lineup, brings minimal power, no speed, and below average defense.  Let’s get Norby up to play some LF/2B/DH. The time is now for Mayo and Norby.  The time has passed for Urias and Hays.  
    • We had the same formula in 2014 and only a white hot Royals team ruined that. This year we have to out homer the other team.
    • Love seeing all this new blood entering the list at 40 and above! Especially the newest .400 hitter on my (otherwise uninformed) radar, SS Elvin Garcia of DSL Black, age 17.
    • I get that. I just think the Orioles need a spark...and Coby Mayo is an option...as was Kjerstad...The Orioles need a more menacing lineup at the bottom of the order.
    • I think it’s your last point.    That said if I was a media member I would be asking Hyde about it. 
    • He isn’t up because of his defense.  The people running this team value defense.  That is why they are running this team and not the posters here at the Hangout.  He will get his chance eventually.
    • I understand fielding % is a small part of defensive evaluation but Mayo has a .931 FLD % at 3rd and has made 3 errors in 9 games at 1B.    Let’s bring him up in a pennant race and release a proven commodity with the glove so the team leading the AL in runs can get better. Let’s assume he magically improves at a higher level with the glove while also hitting the best arms on the planet. 
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