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Jimenez cried.....


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Not sure if that counts as crying. Cheeks had some moisture but he wasn't really choked up. Could have just been sweat from pitching a CG in a day game. Really great story either way. The guy was a couple of appearances away from being released and now he has three straight quality starts, including a CG win.

Yeah, same here. But whatever, it's great to see him step up like he has.

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Not so amazing. He's human. Get over yourselves, people. Maybe too many of you were too busy de-humanizing him because he didn't succeed enough for your baseball team.

Of course he cares!

The fact that some people appreciate an athlete overcoming some very rough years and his showing emotion about it is the exact opposite of having de-humanized him. It's called sharing a small triumph with him. That's as human as it gets, if you ask me.

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