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Awww, poor Hank Steinbrenner...

Moose Milligan

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"This is going to get turned around," Steinbrenner said. "If it's not turned around this year, then it will be turned around next year, by force if we have to."

Hank's talking like he's a friggin' Mafia boss. Why do I have the feeling this guy will make his father look like a novice?

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George Steinbrenner may have been a bull in a china shop, but at least he had built a multimillion dollar business prior to owning the Yankees and then built up that business as well. What has Hank Steinbrenner ever done, other than attempt to impersonate his father?

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    • WTF? How did I get thrown into this? I've always given credit to John Angelos for hiring Elias as well. Why would I label you an Angelos Apologist for that?  Such an odd statement.
    • Just caught up with this thread and I have a few thoughts/comments. 1. As I stated earlier, I was told this months ago by two separate people who seemed to have good information, but were connected through several degrees of separation. I don't really pass on stuff like that anymore because there is no use starting rumors before I have real concrete info. Clearly something coming from Bloomburg holds more weight than something from Orioleshangout.com. I'm glad it hit though. 2. My thoughts are anything that removes the Angelos family from ownership has to be a netgain for Orioles fans. I will give John Angelos credit for hiring Mike Elias and turning this franchise around into something to be proud of, but his ridiculous comments and emergence in the media suddenly during a year of success showed me that an Angelos can't help but to take center stage when things are going well. It was just like when Peter Angelos came out of hibernation when the Orioles where heading to the ALCS in 2014. I was in that lockeroom and there were players and coaches going, "That's the first time I've ever seen him." 3. I've seen a lot of stuff thrown around about Bloomberg, and I certainly understand the poster on here who lost his job to his Carlyle Group being jaded, but at the end of the day, there is no Billionaire out there who is not connected with greasing palms or not associated with the federal government in some way. Once you get to that level you have to play the game. Unless you are Elon Musk and so rich and so successful that you just tell everyone who doesn't like you, including other Billionaires, to "Go F themselves." Lol... Yes, I have a man crush on him! 4. As for Bloomberg running the Orioles just to make money and thinking he will pinch pennies, I just don't see it. Billionaires have big egos and few want to own a losing team. Billionaires don't buy teams to make money. They buy professional sports team for the glory of being an owner on a team that wins the championship.  5. As for Elias, why would Bloomberg not want to keep Elias and his crew? If anything, he's more likely to pay what it will take to keep him and his crew together for many years. My biggest concern with Elias has been him suddenly realizing he will not be able to spend enough to keep his top players that he drafted, signed and developed. With Bloomberg, I can't imagine him allowing a Gunnar or Jackson Holliday to walk over money if they are still impact players. 6. Personally, this would make my Holiday season if this somehow came to fruition before the year was out. Give me a Billionaire over a guy who's done nothing but ride on his father's coattails any day. 
    • It was @Tryptaminewho posted that, and you are right that he should be acknowledged.   I was really skeptical about it because the original report (which @Tryptaminewas relaying from a Mets fan board) said the Carlyle Group was buying the team.  That’s not permissible under MLB rules.  But David Rubenstein is the co-chair and co-founder of Carlyle, so close enough!    The other part of the rumor was that the original offer was $1.1 bb but that it was raised to $1.4 bb after Peter Angelos objected to selling.   That also didn’t seem credible, since Peter appears to have not been mentally competent over the last 5 years.    In any event, we’ll see where this goes.  The original thread is here:  
    • As much as I'd not like to agree with @Billy F-Face3about a lot of things, I do agree with his above post that JA can take credit for hiring Elias...and allowing Elias to do pretty much everything he wanted to do, especially establishing an international scouting presence which is something that didn't exist under his dad. If anyone wants to be honest here (I question that sometimes) when it comes to JA, it's usually something like "Yeah, he hired Elias, whatever," and they move on to whatever issue JA has ensnared himself in at the moment, probably something like giving a stupid interview like he did time and time again throughout 2023.   But if Elias is one of the best things that's happened to this franchise, then JA needs to be recognized for hiring him.  And retaining him thus far.  Hiring and retaining good people isn't easy in any industry, especially in one like Major League Baseball.  @Bemorewinsyou can't look at the last two seasons we've had, the amount of talent we have in the system and say that he's run this franchise into the ground.  That's being intentionally obtuse. I get it, a lot of people here are hammers and all they see is nails, especially when it comes to all things Angelos.  It's easy to bash them at every given turn because they've given us a lot of material to work with over the years but with JA it hasn't all been bad.  He nailed the most important part of his stewardship of the franchise, everyone should be able to agree on that. If that makes me sound like some Angelos apologist as I'm sure @Tony-OHwill label me, well, so be it.  I've been called worse.  But I don't think I wrote any lies above. That doesn't mean I don't think that JA is a tone deaf trouser-snake cheapskate, I absolutely do think those things.  He's terrible in front of the media, a microphone and a camera are his worst enemies.  His cries about having to raise prices if they want to spend money on talent are stupid.  He does strike me as someone who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple, which is obnoxious.  While I give him a lot of credit for hiring Elias, I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of the Orioles being sold and the Angelos family going away like a fart in the wind.
    • You make a good point, they could sell Rubenstein minority interest with agreement to sell the majority stake when PA dies which locks this in and avoids the big capital gains estate tax charge. Bisciotti  had a similar agreement where he came in as minority owner with an agreement to buy out the Modells at a later time. 
    • I can’t imagine a guy like Rubenstein would be ok with that set up. He’s not going to take orders from John Angelos.
    • The internet was a mistake. Very promising news. Trying not to get my hopes up, but it's a step in the right direction! Side note - Is there anywhere in these 19 pages that gives credit to the poster from a few weeks back who started the thread that this may be in the works?
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