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Dave Cameron: "The Postseason Is Both Great And Terrible"

Spy Fox

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And so, let's enjoy the postseason for what is great about it. The drama, the strategy, the tension of every at-bat; these things make postseason baseball so much fun to watch.

But when we're confronted with the terrible aspects of the postseason, often driven by those who are looking for simple hero/villain stories to tell, let's remember that the postseason is useless at determining the character of the individuals involved. It is a great treat to watch the best teams in baseball square off with history on the line, but it is a terrible thing to make judgments about their character based on the results of what happens.

When we're told that some player or team won because of some inner personal strength that the loser just didn't have, let?s reject that narrative out of hand. We can enjoy the postseason for what it is without turning it into something it is not. It?s a great chance to watch dramatic baseball, but a terrible way to conclude anything about those involved.

Could be a good read for those who are ready to put down our players if they lose this week.

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"The postseason is not a test of character for the individuals involved, the teams themselves, or the managers leading the charge. It is not a place where we find out what people are made of, or a proving ground for someone’s mental strength. It’s a three week tournament on a level playing field between teams that are fairly evenly matched up, and one where a single bounce here or there can change the entire outcome.

The Kansas City Royals went on a remarkable run last year, but none of it happens if Carlos Correa fields a fairly routine ground ball in the Wild Card game."

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