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Let's not waste any more of Arrieta's time at Frederick


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Him and Wieters...Its getting ridiculous that these guys are still in A...It is one thing to take their time with them, it is another to keep them at levels that don't really challenge them.

It seems Rotoworld agrees with you :

Jake Arrieta yielded two hits over seven scoreless innings for Single-A Frederick on Thursday.

The O's can promote both Arrieta and catcher Matt Wieters to Double-A any time they wish. The 22-year-old Arrieta is 4-0 with a 1.74 ERA in 51 2/3 innings. Carolina League hitters are batting .140 off him, so it would seem as though he has nothing left to gain by pitching at the level.

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I actually went to the game in Salem last night. I had been looking forward to seeing Wieters play, along with another one of my friends that is an Orioles fan. We actually highlighted the date on our calendars as soon as the Salem schedule came out. Frederick doesn't play in Salem again until the end of July, so we figured both Wieters and Arrietta would be long gone by then. Of course our wives came along for the trip also.

In the first inning, Wieters almost decapitated the Salem pitcher on the first pitch for a single. His second at bat was a soft line drive to shortstop. Those two at bats were left-handed against Salem's right handed starter. The third at bat I found most impressive, not only for the result (homerun) but for the way he adjusted. He swung at a ball up in the zone and was very late on it. After a couple of balls, he swung at another fastball and fouled it down the first base line, late on it again. The next pitch he smoked the ball to a little left of center field which reads 401 at Salem. Of course they also have a 25 foot high wall and it cleared it with ease. I would guess he hit it 440 or so. His final at bat was a fly ball to left that he hit with one hand (fooled on a change up). He definitely looks like a man amongst boys in Single A.

As for Jake, he also looks like a man amongst boys at this level. His fastball was anywhere from 91-97 and breaking ball was in the low to mid 80's. Very good control and great mound presence. After throwing a couple of balls he would step behind the mound, take a deep breath, adjust his belt and hat, and then get back on the rubber. He really only had 3 balls that were hit well in 7 innings.

My friend and I have been fans for over 20 years and we agreed as we left Salem last night that we are looking forward to seeing this combination in Baltimore very soon and for many years to come. If anyone has any questions, I would be glad to answer them the best that I can. Thanks and God bless.

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I guess the front office is thinking in the big picture what is another month?

It gets these guys into an all star game, gets one of the farm teams some playoff experience, and really doesn't effect the players all that much. From what I'm hearing neither Wieters or Arrieta are complaining about not being promoted.

I wonder if this view isn't more on-point than all the discussions about their readiness.

It's easy to forget that minor league clubs have hard-core fans just like like we feel about the Orioles. Perhaps we're seeing a little corporate sensitivity to the needs of the affiliates. I don't know all the business details, but I suspect attendance for a farm club is critical to survival, and a winning record matters. I would think Arrieta and Wieters have to be a personal draw as well.

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I'll give you my thoughts on Wieters defense. First off, what a gigantic target. He's had only two passed balls all year long, and made some errant high throws early on. He's fixed his release point, and has been gunning down runners at a clip of approx. 40%. I went through the game-by-game's real late the other night (when I was drugged up on meds, FYI bad idea) to try and come up with the 41% milb.com had when Wieters was named Player of the Week. I think I had him around 39% that night and I know he's thrown out at least one more runner since then. At some point in the next few days I'll update it. It was a question I had been asking myself the past two weeks until that release by milb.com came out.

From BA's hot sheet, But, "he's also been flashing a strong throwing arm. Wieters leads the Carolina League in caught stealing percentage, nailing 46 percent of the runners who have tried to swipe a bag." http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/prospects/prospect-hot-sheet/2008/266116.html

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From BA's hot sheet, But, "he's also been flashing a strong throwing arm. Wieters leads the Carolina League in caught stealing percentage, nailing 46 percent of the runners who have tried to swipe a bag." http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/prospects/prospect-hot-sheet/2008/266116.html

That's what I wanted to see. He was very mediocre behind the plate in the HWBL but I knew he'd improve.

How's his PB rate and his error rate?

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