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Dr. Shorebird Reports From Mini Camp


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2 hours ago, ScGO's said:

It would be nice to hear that after seeing Sisco the coaching staff thinks he could compete for a starting job during Spring Training.

Saw Urrutia is in camp.  This has to be the final chance for him.

Sisco apparently is not coming to the mini-camp, according to Roch. He's working out in California with Brady.


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" The pace is deliberately slow and intended not to cause injuries. But, you can hear the bats slapping the balls – even if it’s just in the batting cages. You can hear the baseball slap leather gloves – even if it players just having catches. It’s a time for getting to know each other and work on fundamentals and form. The day begins with meetings and exercises, and then moves on to grounders being hit to fielders and the pitchers having catches. "

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Roch joins in



“I think I got the same locker, too,” Verrett said today, looking around the clubhouse with a smile on his face. “Walking in today it was kind of, I don’t know, honestly it felt like just yesterday that I was here, even though it’s been two seasons. That’s crazy. But it feels good.

verrett-os-sidebar.jpg“I’ve always told everybody that when I was here, I really enjoyed my time here and thought it was a first class organization. I told a lot of my teammates that I’d welcome the opportunity to come back if I ever had it, and so when I got the call, I was pretty excited.”


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