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    • All those strike calls and he missed 6 strikes that were called balls with 2 if not 3 of them being in Cionel’s 3 hitters.  He must have ran over his dog or something because he got squeezed in his outing.  
    • I don’t know where to post this question and this seems as good at place as any. Every single time I click on a section or try to post I am redirected to an external ad. This is different from the pop-up ads, which can easily be canceled, this is actually redirecting me to a different website, which won’t let me return to this site. And they are ads for weird stuff, forestry products, for instance. I don’t think this is part of the SOP of the site. The pop-up ads are annoying, but I don’t mind them because they help pay for the site but the redirects are incredibly annoying, and make it very difficult to post or even to move around within the site. Is there something that can be done about this?
    • https://www.yardbarker.com/mlb/articles/the_20_most_significant_mlb_rule_5_draftees_090423/s1__38137257#slide_14 After Flash-God, who's clearly in a tier of his own, there is really a number of pretty notable rule 5ers. Santander probably belongs on that list somewhere, though hard to say for whom. 
    • Royals release Lyles: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2024/07/royals-place-jordan-lyles-on-release-waivers.html
    • That brings to mind all the recent chat about descriptive vs predictive stats.  Twelvth-round draft picks don’t usually have much staying power, but at the moment, Ben Rice might be “the best of the rest,” in the lineup after Soto and Judge. He’s only had 86 ABs, so plenty of time for him to fail, but so far he’s been money. An interesting tidbit is that the rest of the lineup is so weak that Rice stands out. I don’t know how deep the Yankees system is, but they are going to need upgrades.  
    • Last night it looked like he was just trying to get a feel of all his pitches the first few innings.  He couldn’t locate the breaking balls and either were balls out of his hand or center cut.  After the 3rd or 4th inning it looked like he gave up on them and went primarily fastball up in the zone and change up down.  I think he needs to do more of that early in games with establishing the fastball instead of trying to mix every pitch in the first time through.  
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