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Roch Kubatko: Adam Jones and Winning


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Adam disagrees with me. 


“What’s the point of just being competitive?” Jones asked. “I mean, cool, be good. But you just want to be good? No.

“Some people tell me, ‘We want a statue of you out there. Hopefully, they’ll make a statue of you out there.’ There’s only one way to get a statue. That’s to win it all. And don’t say anything before that. If you don’t win it all, ain’t no statue. I mean, you can get that little plaque over there on that wall. It would be cool to get that, and maybe the Orioles Hall of Fame. But you’re talking about a statue? You’ve got to do some incredible things and one of them is win.

“This is my 10th year and it’s kind of like my own personal dynasty with the Orioles and it would be great with the last few years left to grab a championship. That would be pretty cool to see. I don’t know all the streets downtown, but I know they’ve been renovated for the F-1 races, so it would be cool to have a parade. The Ravens had a great parade back in ‘13. Why not have one of ours in ‘17?”


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