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Nationals to sign Matt Wieters


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39 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

So the Orioles basically got Wieters for 5 million less this year and 7 million less over two years in Castillo. 

Wieters might be the slightly better player overall, but Duquette couldn't wait until late February to see if he had a catcher or not.

I think Castillo, with the AL East parks to play in, and the O's lineup around him, will see an uptick in offensive production in 2017.

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7 minutes ago, MDtransplant757 said:

He'll probably be better than Wieters offensively. 

Everything I've read suggests he's very similar defensively at this point in Matt's career, too. As for intangibles... well, those aren't quantifiable, and we won't know what Castillo does or doesn't bring in that department for quite awhile.

I think this is a win for the Orioles. I think Castillo will have a better overall year, and at a more favorable pay grade.

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2 hours ago, SteveA said:

Gotta hand it to Boras, he probably told Matt from the start he could get this type of money and it didn't seem likely as time went by and most teams had a starting C.  But he got it.

Perhaps the market had an upturn once all of the "cheap" options were signed and we approached Spring Training.

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I thought he would get around the same as Castillo given how long he's had to wait out the market, so he did a little better than I expected as well.  10.5 mil season AAV and 

2 hours ago, FlipTheBird said:

I think Castillo, with the AL East parks to play in, and the O's lineup around him, will see an uptick in offensive production in 2017.

I'm not so sure about that.  Chase Field ranks up there with Baltimore as far as being favorable for hitters. I expect him around .750 but wouldn't be surprised if he did a little better than that. 

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10 minutes ago, lovetoaster said:

Nope. We did not offer him the Qualifying Offer this year. So no draft pick when he signed elsewhere. 

Just as well, odds are if they had offered him a QO they would have re-signed him and so avoided the pick.


I almost wonder if ownership doesn't want to pay for multiple first round picks.


By almost I mean I do.

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4 minutes ago, Roy Firestone said:

Im sorry to see Matt go...but the nearly 11 m a year is too much for a player like him who probably wont catch much longer and will be someones DH ,a place in the lineupo we don't need. Still, I wouldve loved to have had him back for a better deal...

While Wieters may not remain as a catcher in the long term, I have no reason to believe he won't be a starting catcher in 2017-18, the period covered by this contract.    He only needs to produce a total of 2.5 - 3 WAR over two years to make this a decent deal.   Fangraphs valued him at $13.7 mm last year, $7.8 mm in his partial year in 2015.  

I'm expecting that Castillo won't be as good as Wieters.    That's why he was non-tendered.    But I think our move made sense.

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In general, I think that we got our proverbial money's worth out of Wieters.  In the 8 seasons that he played with the Orioles, he was healthy for 6 out of 8, plus in a 7th season (2015), in which he was healthy after having a late start due to his continued recovery from surgery.

So he basically had one major injury in 8 seasons, costing him just a little more than one full season overall.


So if he plays well for the Nationals, I won't be overly regretful about the fact that he is no longer with us because of the fact that he was (if nothing else) durable and dependable behind home plate for a long period of time ........ 2009 through 2016, which bridged the franchise dark years with the franchise Renaissance. 



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