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Intrasquad Game 11:30 AM Thursday


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12 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

That seems like a lot for someone who hasn't been a league average player since 2013.

Here are a few of the MAJOR LEAGUE CONTRACTS that were signed by players this winter.  IF this contract by Bournes was a MLB Guaranteed Deal, I think it falls in line with some of theses.


Ryan LaMarre    CF / LF / RF          Angels                                  $557,500             

Jimmy Paredes                 LF / RF / 2B          Japan                                    $1.2MM              

Alexi Amarista   CF / 2B / SS / 3B                Rockies                 $1.25MM            

Chris Heisey       CF / LF / RF          Nationals                             $1.4MM              

Franklin Gutierrez            DH / RF                 Dodgers               $2.6MM              

Ben Revere        CF / LF   Angels                                                  $4MM  

Colby Rasmus    CF / LF / RF          Rays                                       $5MM  

Rajai Davis           CF / LF   Athletics                                              $6MM  

Jon Jay CF / LF / RF          Cubs                                                      $8MM  

Michael Saunders            LF / RF   Phillies                                  $9MM  

Carlos Gomez    CF / LF / RF          Rangers                                $11.5MM            

Matt Holliday     1B / LF   Yankees                                               $13MM               

Carlos Beltran    DH / RF                 Astros                                   $16MM               

Jose Bautista      DH / RF                 Blue Jays                              $18.5MM

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33 minutes ago, RZNJ said:

Adam Jones.  It's a little irritating to hear a guy with a dismal postseason hitting record talk about other areas they need to improve in to advance.  Worry about yourself.

On the other hand it is refreshing to hear a player be open about the defensive shortcomings of his outfield teammates while not addressing his own.

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Just now, Can_of_corn said:

On the other hand it is refreshing to hear a player be open about the defensive shortcomings of his outfield teammates while not addressing his own.

I think it is obvious that with DHs in the field since 2013, Adam has tried to do too much out there. And I do think he would openly admit that if you asked him. 

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    • I have no problem with the Tigers saying they want the moon and the stars.  Its a negotiating position.  The  Tigers GM and Ownership have to know that no trade has ever happen for a pitcher that is as aggressive that they are asking for.  They don't have to trade Skubal so the O's have to motive the Tigers with what that offer could be. The O's offense is #1 in baseball in Homers, Slugging and Runs per game.    They are first in the AL in OPS.  The O's don't what to damage that.  They are 11th in Average and 15th OBP.  They want to improve that. The need to keep: 1) Holliday because he will bring the high average and OBP the O's need In the future. 2) Basallo.  It's hard to find catchers that can hit and control the running game.  Him first teaming with Adley and a some point replacing Adley is a game changer. 3) Kjerstad is needed to replace Santander unless, unless, unless the O's are willing to extend him for 4/68m.   Which way will Elias and Rubinstein go with that? ------ Mayo with his incredible talent is someone that can head up a package.   Mayo is BA #25 prospect in 2024.  O's #3 prospect. (O's prospect by MLB.com) Bradfield BA #82 prospect in 2024; #4 O's prospect  and Norby BA #93 prospect,  #5 Os prospect with a 911 OPS at AAA  currently are two players the Tigers could pick between. McDermott #7 O's prospect; Povich O's #8 prospect:  and Johnson O's #9 prospect are three future starter that  Tigers could pick between. Elias could add one or two more prospects to this list.    
    • Dodgers and O's have discussed trade talks for Skubal per MLBTR. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2024/07/orioles-dodgers-have-discussed-tarik-skubal-with-tigers.html
    • Are we playing the Blue Jays soon
    • He was scratched due to neck problems 
    • I am guessing Urias could have come in and played, which means he is still on the team.  If not you would have to do Rutchman C (Mullins out of the game, pitcher at DH)... Then who knows, maybe Santander at 2B? Or put Cionel Perez there (he seems like an athletic guy)?  I have to think Urias was available in a pinch. 
    • Huh??? We didn’t sign Corbin Burnes in the offseason. We traded Joey Ortiz, DL Hall and a draft pick for him. Tyler Wells is out until late next year after having Tommy John surgery. For the next 15 years??? Huh? You get 6 full years of team control with any player. My
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