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Chris Jones returns


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2013 Bowie: 2.57 ERA in 4 games

2013 Norfolk: 2.67 ERA in 31 games

2014 Norfolk: 3.61 ERA in 35 games (14 starts)

2015 Norfolk: 2.94 ERA in 30 games (22 starts)

He didn't take well to the Pacific Coast League last year -- 6.46 ERA in 23 games (21 starts).   Now he's back with us.

Jones has spent 10 seasons in the minors, at age 28.   He's the kind of guy you hope will get a cup of coffee in the majors someday, just to make it all worthwhile.

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On 3/1/2017 at 2:33 PM, sportsfan8703 said:

I wonder if he's still a mid-90's guy like when we first got him from the braves?  Seems like he'll be the replacement for what Andy Oliver was for AAA last year.  

He was never a mid-90s guy. You must be confusing him with someone else.

As for Jones, he's going to have to fight for a job because AAA is crowded and AA doesn't have a whole lot of room either.

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