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Roch: Buck Speaks Option-able Pitching


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“We’ve got so many moveable pieces that we haven’t had in the past. We really were painted in a corner a lot last year and the year before. That’s something we really wanted to get better at this year. Especially with that 10-day DL and all the stuff that’s different this year. That time you spent after a game or before a game thinking about where you’re going if this happens and that happens ...

“We were talking about the rotations in Double-A and Triple-A in our meetings. Do you take, for instance, a guy who might be a long reliever who pitches four innings and we need to bring somebody up the next day, if that guy’s starting down there and it falls on the wrong day, we’ve got a problem. So we might take that guy and make sure he’s not a starter unless we want to go down that road. But we were looking at their rotation and they’re going to be six or seven deep. I think they may end up with a six-man rotation there.”



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