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Breaking Balls (YouTube Series)


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Hey everyone. Last month, I got started with a YouTube Web Series called "Breaking Balls." Might have seen some of the videos posted around.

It's a "general" MLB related series. It'll have news, notes, updates, historic events, ballpark visits, ect. I also have one called "Off The Foul Pole" that is in "Orioles Talk." That one is Orioles related only.

This is Episode 3, but the other 2 are attached with it. Going to be atleast weekly, possibly more once the season starts. Minus a week or 2 in the middle of April for my wedding and honeymoon. There will be some giveaways and meet ups, if you all are interested. If you like it, cool. If not, cool. Very new to it, so input and advice is very welcome.



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