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Kevin Gausman 2017 ERA Poll


Gausman's ERA will be:  

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  1. 1. Gausman's ERA will be:

    • Under 3.00
    • 3.00-3.24
    • 3.25-3.49
    • 3.50-3.74
    • 3.75-3.99
    • 4.00-4.24
    • 4.25 or above

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I voted 3.25-3.49. That might be on the optimistic side but I think reasonable based on what he's shown in prior years. The thing is you can pitch pretty well pretty often in our division and still find yourself in the upper 3s if you aren't lucky. 

I'd love to see 200 innings from him. 

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    • For the immediate time going into 2024, we're going to need a really good left handed starting pitcher to have Soto take a seat every time he's up against the Orioles. The Yankees haven't had a lefty like him in a long time and we were able to manage Judge in several games because Hyder leveraged the matchups the best he could. We want Left on Left when pitching to Soto.
    • Also, seeing the Yankees trade away whatever farm system they have in order for Cashman to keep his job and idiot Yankee fans happy is *chefs kiss* 
    • I hope Soto fails miserably.    Soto might only be 25 still, but that body is filling out and not in a good way. IIRC, he brings practically no defensive value to the table and he’s still young.  He’s trending towards fat, he’s already slow. Just need to wait till he gets old and his hitting skills erode a little bit and he’ll be a liability that Yankees hopefully can’t get rid of after they’re stupid enough to extend him. Maybe like a Stanton 2.0. 
    • I tried to make it simple but I like this complex answer. Besides, it's on point to the OP question, which is not what you predict will happen, but what you'd like to see happen. 
    • Arizona makes sense to me. It has a large Latino population and the Diamondbacks are a very good young upcoming team with a real chance to win the World Series. Now they can compete with Texas for Montgomery, or throw the Orange & Black hat in the ring for Shota Imanaga. Or trade for Corbin Burnes and call it a day.
    • No way that doesn't work out for them,
    • I don't believe Elias has been running around Nashville over the last couple of days taking up other team's time about starting pitching only to suddenly decide to throw the entire budget at a guy who's going to pitch 70 innings at most.  $20 million AAV over multiple years could well be off the table at this point, but something like a Cease trade could very much still be possible IMO.
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