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Dylan Bundy 2017


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3 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Buck indicated Bundy will get at least one more start.    It could come Sunday, on five days' rest.    If they wait beyond that, his next start will certainly be his last, since Monday is an off day.

If he starts in Pittsburgh ,he would have to hit also. Don't see them taking that chance. Maybe Sunday with a pitch count or wait to the final weekend.

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"Orioles manager Buck Showalter said after Monday's game that he doesn't think Dylan Bundy needs to be shut down.

Bundy was tagged for six runs over 4 1/3 innings Monday against the Red Sox and has now logged a career-high 169 2/3 innings this season. It's a big jump from the 109 2/3 innings he threw last year. Showalter admitted that fatigue might be setting in, but he doesn't see a reason to shut him down yet. "No, I don't think we're at that point yet," said Showalter. "Stuff's fine, he feels great between starts, he's getting extra days' rest. As long as we think it's beneficial for him and the club, then we'll continue down that path. But we're not at that point yet." We expect the Orioles to sing a different tune once they are officially eliminated from the Wild Card race."
Reckless imo.
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    • The pitcher …the guys here are overvaluing prospects. Id honestly trade quite a lot if it got us a ring.
    • Yeah, also interested to hear some thoughts on the draft from people!
    • Bradish was shut down and then did a full rehab before he started pitching again. Anyway go ahead and believe what you are going to believe, I'm not going to try and convince you, but there are some facts you are leaving out.
    • And how many of those teams rotations would you trade for the one that we have currently? In just about any/every projected playoff matchup save for the Guardians and maybe the Twins, the other team has the matchup advantage in the series. IMO those are long odds when trying to be successful in multiple rounds of the playoffs in October. Maybe you are comfortable with that? I am not.
    • I doubt Elias would be much moved to act a week before the deadline when asks by Sellers still skew high but I guess it is worth noting the Orioles play their Marlins series July 23-25. Who Tanner Scott and AJ Puk and Burch Smith and Vinny Nittoli play for in any given 3-game series probably doesn't make a game of difference, and the division probably won't come down to 1 game.  
    • Remember Bradish pitched for 3 months with a torn UCL.  And pitched well.  Until he couldn't.  Just because a tear happens doesn't mean it will curtail you right away.   I saw FB's face and body language during that game.  Something was off.    I can speak of this from personal experience.  I have a torn UCL and a bone chip the size of a quarter in my right elbow, and have had it for years.  Back from when I first got it looked at 20 years ago.   I just lived with the pain.  Sometimes up to 8 tylenol a day.   It always hurts and it wasn't until I was bowling one specific shot a few years ago and it completely blew out that I had to go to a orthopedist for it.   I just rested it for 3 months and have done nothing overhand as far as sports and working out since.  Anytime I throw overhand?  It kills. No way I could throw a baseball 80 times a game.  My arm would probably fall off.    The elbow really controls your overhand throws.  Underhand and side arm is not nearly as bad. 
    • How many teams won the trade deadline with a big time acquisitions and then won the championship.   2023 Rangers traded for rental Montgomery a solid mid rotation guy and rental Chapman nice bullpen piece. 2022 Astros traded for Trey Mancini 2021 Braves traded for Solor, Rosario, and Duvall.   2020 Covid year with weird deadline 2019 Nats traded for Daniel Hudson and Roenilis Ellis  2018 Red Sox traded for Andrew Cashner  2017 Astros traded for Justin Verlander which was a great pickup and changed there team when he bounced back but the trade itself was for very little in terms of prospects and more salary dump for rebuilding Tigers.    2016 Cubs trade for Chapman and Mike Montgomery.   2015 Royals traded for Johnny Cueto a veteran rental starter coming off all star season but pitched to a 4.86 ERA for Royals .  Also traded for Ben Zobrist.   2014 Giants traded for Jake Peavy as a rental.  
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