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Dylan Bundy 2017


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14 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Not worried.    First of all, he was hitting 93 consistently in the early innings.    Second of all, this guy is commanding four pitches.    It's a pleasure watching the hitters try to guess what's coming.    

Totally paraphrasing and have no real source to back it up, but heard Dave Johnson on the post game that a Steve Johnson (not his son) had done or read research which indicated that the fastball is now the major stressor on the elbow, not the offspeed stuff (specifically cited the previous contention that throwing too many curveballs would cause issues).   So maybe Bundy's higher usage of offspeed pitches could be a good thing in the long run.    Either way, I agree it is fun to watch.  

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21 OUTS: 5 Groundouts (Including 3 Double Plays)4 Flyouts, 3 Strikeouts3 Popouts, 3 Lineouts


DYLAN MATTHEW BUNDYoo))oo (vs. RED SOX, 4/21) )) [  

IP:;).ll) 7 - PLUS

H:)l..).  6 )(6 Singles) ll

R:ll)lll) 0



Pitches: l)  108 )(71 )Strikes, .37 )Balls)

2017 ERA: l) 1.370)

2017 WHIP: ll00.987 ) 26.33 Innings, 26 H/BB

2017 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: l)0.237 ) 22 for 93   



18 .))(14 lStrikes, .)ll41 l))Balls)

11 .))(81..Strikes,  )).31 l))Balls)

10 .))(71..Strikes,  ll).31 l))Balls)

14 .))(71..Strikes,  )).7)lllBalls)

14 .)ll(10.lStrikes,  )).4 lllBalls)

22 )).l(10 .Strikes,  ).10 .llllBalls)

12 .))(91..Strikes,  )).31 l)lBalls)

71 ..ll(41 )Strikes, ..l)31 llllBalls) *


* Bundy did not record any outs before departing in the 8th inning.



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I didn't get to watch tonight's game, but it seemed like Bundy pitched out of trouble almost every inning.   I would not have brought him out for the 8th, but I guess Buck wanted him to face the RHB before going to Hart.  

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10 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

Just shut out the best offense in MLB without his best stuff. Wow. Can't remember the last time I was this excited about an Oriole pitcher. The cutter/slider changes everything.

That's the biggest thing. Truly maturing.

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5 hours ago, Frobby said:

I didn't get to watch tonight's game, but it seemed like Bundy pitched out of trouble almost every inning.   I would not have brought him out for the 8th, but I guess Buck wanted him to face the RHB before going to Hart.  

He was pitching better in the later innings.  No issue with him being sent out on a short leash.  His stuff was still solid. 

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3 hours ago, El Gordo said:

What impresses me most about Bundy is his pitchability.

Yep.   He's commanding four pitches.   He's a pleasure to watch.    I do think Buck has to be careful about pitching him one batter too far, and I'm also cocerned about whether the number of breaking pitches he's throwing will take a toll.    But for now, it's all good!

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