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Frederick Keys Opening Day - Take 2


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I want to know how Akin's stuff is looking. Fastball velocity and secondaries. 

Gassaway's defense in the the outfield and throwing arm (have heard mixed reports). Same with Mountcastle in the infield. 

Godspeed. Gonna be a brutal night for baseball. 

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4 minutes ago, ChuckS said:

Yikes.  Any idea what he was reading on the gun?

Lots of fat pitches I imagine.  

Honestly, I didn't pay attention to the gun. He didn't have control. He was just throwing. The 2 outs where strikeouts though. He was hit HARD. The wind kept a third one from going out.

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44 minutes ago, ChuckS said:

Game Day crapped out in the top of the 9th.  

I imagine the game is over now.  Bottom of the sixth looks like it was fun with us batting around. 


Once I get home and defrost, I'll do a recap. 

*Spoiler* Frederick is gonna be nice.

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