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Ynoa probably out of the running for the start on 15th


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46 minutes ago, dan-O said:

Why does it need to be a right hander? My money was always on Aquino.

I agree Aquino has done the most to win the job. Nuno second. But TOR can run out 9 RH's and mash lefties. Gotta have a righty  

If this game were against the Reds it would be Aquino all day. 

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Does Tyler Wilson throw a 4 seam, 2 seam, and cutter? Opening Day was the first time I watched him(just recently started watching games again) and that's what it looked like. Regardless, it wasn't pretty. He got lucky a couple of hard hits were right at people(near Manny). He wasn't hitting his spots well, and you can't have poor location with lackluster stuff. I'm assuming this is what got him into trouble the last two years. Ship has sailed for him to be a successful major league starter. Same with Mike Wright.

Also, is it just me or is there a lot of hype surrounding Jayson Aquino? I don't believe he has ever apprared on one of our top prospects list. Gunkel was recently a top 30 prospect for us so...We acquired him for cash and his numbers at Bowie last year showed it. I see no reason  why we shouldn't expect him to be a LOOGY going forward. 

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