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New 'What If?' on Teixeira


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I go to a school thats in Saint Joe's conference' date=' and it was RUMORED he donated ten million to the baseall program there.[/quote']

what you guys think I'm talking out of my butt? I'm a freshman at Mt St. Joes. But from what I've heard from the announcements he donated some million dollars so we could build a new baseball field.

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I don't see why it's so hard.

Listen up:

  • "I" before "E"
  • Except after "C"
  • Or when spelling the name
  • Of our next 1B-man-suprame.

ps: Since he's a switch-hitter, you have to do it backwards on both sides of the "X". Them's the rules.

* Or when pronounced "ei" as in neighbor or as in "pei the man". :D

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For what it's worth, I'm down here in Texas Ranger country and even before he was traded, I got the feeling that most people didn't like him around here. It probably had much to do with his comments about wanting to play for the Orioles and showing no interest in re-signing with the Rangers. It also seemed that he wasn't really apart of the team atmosphere there.

I don't know if he is a bad clubhouse guy or anything, but has anyone heard anything like this that would make you worry about him being a part of the team? Maybe playing for his hometown team would resolve any of these supposed issues, but I would just want to stay away from any type of bad chemistry situation.

Also, before I get bashed, I just want to say that these are my perceptions of Tex and I'm not trying to trash his reputation. I'm honestly just wondering if this should be a concern.

Interesting. He still makes his offseason home there.

Though living there doesn't stop the Gulf Coast of Florida from hating Aubrey Huff I guess. :D

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The new chief answers to the same big chief as his predecessors, Peter G. Angelos. From what we've seen, Angelos may be more inclined to take MacPhail's advice but that doesn't meant the latter has a checkbook full of blank checks either.

I am pretty sure checkbooks, by definition come with blank checks... :scratchchinhmm:

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The OP, while a bit crass and lacking deeper thought, really brought a tear to my eye. Bravo, bravo.

The day Tex signs elsewhere, this board will blow up. It'll be like a trainwreck...don't want to look, but you won't be able to turn away.

You kidding? I cannot WAIT for December! The suspense is going to drive people nuts, and the day he signs either way the board will see the most traffic it ever has or ever will again, I guarantee it.

You'll be able to smell the smoke from the servers from all over Baltimore!

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