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Norfolk Tide pitching: Just getting their work in?


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What is going on in Norfolk? The season isn't a week old, but the pitchers have allowed the following:

9 runs, 11, 15, 4, 0 (WOO HOO!), 15.

To say that pitching has been getting hammered is an understatement. The shutout was a combined effort by Asher, Crichton, and Yacabonis. Of course, Asher is the front runner for the 5th starter spot.

The stats haven't been updated yet to reflect the 15 run effort from tonight, so posting ERA's and stuff wouldn't be fully correct for now.

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23 minutes ago, RZNJ said:

Ynoa and Wright have pitched well in AAA before.  They might not be pitching well right now but they should be good at that level.  Wright looks like he's regressed.  Maybe he and Brady can figure it out.   That's a joke.

Yeah, I was going to say this.  It's been one turn through the rotation. There are guys in Triple A (Ynoa, Wright, Asher) with proven track records there.  They can be expected to settle down. 

Lee and Aquino are there for the first time, but those are the two everyone seemed to be the most excited for in Spring Training.  There is reason to believe they can be successful there as well. 

I'm not worried about these guys finding success in Norfolk but I worry that they are all AAAA pitchers at heart and won't be effective at the Major League level.  

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