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Scouting the minor league games for Plus Members only


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Don't forget to check out the plus members only forum this year. this is where I will put my exclusive game scouting reports throughout the year. These aren't fully finished scouting reports on players but observations that you can follow throughout the year. I will do these from TV broadcasts as well as live games. Hope you like this new feature!

Here's the one from last night's Baysox games:

Starters: Matthew Grimes (BOW) and Anthony Vasquez (ERI)
Vasquez is a 30-year old crafty left-hander who is somehow back in AA

Grimes: Does a good job of moving the ball up and down and in and out though he tends to pitch up in the zone a little too much. Fastball doesn't have a lot of life. Change up can be effective with some drop and fade and can garner swings and misses from leftiues. Curveball is more of a rolling curveballs that doesn't get many swings and misses. 

Adrian Marin: The Orioles want to see him play around the infield since they see him more as a utility guy. Has good range at second base and made a nice diving play to his left to steal a hit. At the plate against the soft tossing lefty he watched two get me over curveballs for strikes then swung through a low and away fastball.

Cedric Mullins: Batting right-handed (his weaker side), he doubled in his first AB and was able to get to an inside fastball for a roped single into left field despite being down by two strikes in his second. Vasquez got him out on a low outside fastball in his next AB that Mullins weakly reached out and grounded out to second. Against a righty, slashed a ball to the hole at shortstop and then because of his speed the SS hurried the throw in the dirt for an infield single. Defensively he got turned around on a hard hit ball hit at him but recovered and made the catch.

DJ Stewart: Swung over a left on left change up in a 0-1 count, before the lefty struck him out on a low fastball. Popped up curveball to SS. Swing looks long. Stewart did not look comfortable against the lefty. Defensively he ran back on a ball that he was able to catch up to but when he went to make the catch and went off his glove. It was a pretty bad play though the official scorer gave the batter a double, the ball should have been caught.

Aderlin Rodriguez - Long swing, who was out on his front foot on changeup for an out. Vasquez tried to sneak a 0-1 outside fastball by him by Rodriguez hit an absolute rocket home run to right field. Good job going to right with the pitch and hit it with authority. Does not gt cheated on his swings. Defensively looks a little stiff at first base and made an error on an easy ball hit to his right.

Austin Wynns - Struggles a bit with breaking balls. 

Jed Bradley - Left-handed reliever with a good left on left breaking ball but sketchy command. Doesn't spot his fastball well enough and especially struggles to his glove side. 

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26 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Nice feature!    I'm discouraged by Stewart's performance so far after hitting a HR on opening day.    I guess if Mullins turns out to be legit while Stewart is a bust, we can call it even.  

So of course, Stewart hit a 3-run homer today.   

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23 minutes ago, Legend_Of_Joey said:

That's pretty much how he plays. Does something good, then drops off until you give up hope, then he sticks his hand out of the grave.

I think this is a make or break year for him.   He basically has shown one skill -- getting on base.    He needs to continue doing that at a high clip in AA.

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I'm really interested in following Marin, Wynns, Mullins, and Rodriguez this season as far as their hitting and defense goes. Marin needs to show a bit more with the bat and step up the glove just a bit. Wynns needs to get the bat game stepped up. Mullins needs to avoid kryptonite after the first week he had. Rodriguez needs to loosen up and show some good defense. Can't wait to make use of the tickets for Bowie from Christmas.

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