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April 21st vs Bos, $20 Tix Hangout Night


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Orioles Hangout Night Friday,

April 21st at 7:05 p.m. vs. Boston Red Sox

Lower Box (Section 8): $20* *There is an additional 10% service charge per ticket.

For any questions or accessible seating, please call 888.848.BIRD (2473) and ask for the Ticket Services team.


1. Click on the link below
2. Select a quantity of tickets
3. Create a Baltimore Orioles ticket account
4. Purchase and print your tickets


Tickets posted for re-sale are subject to cancellation. Offer is NOT valid at the Box Office.

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3 hours ago, O's84 said:

If no one is coming from my area whats the best way to get to Camden (from Bethesda by public transport)?

Honestly, there isn't any good public transportation that will get you there and back.

You could maybe take the Metro to DC and take a MARC train to Baltimore, would have to check the MARC shedule to see if they are running.

But MARC Is a commuter train and won't be running after the game.  So even if you can find a MARC train, you won't be going home after the game.

Uber?   Probably won't be cheap for that distance.

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You can take the Marc train up from Union station for $8 bucks. Getting back after a night game I think is an issue. I think rideshare (Lyft or Uber) might be your best bet or maybe you get lucky and there is an Amtrak after the game. My in-laws live in Chevy Chase. I'd say a Lyft or Uber would cost about $50-60.

Ok I just looked at Amtrak. They have a 10:26 pm train from Baltimore Penn Station for $18 and one at 11:41 pm for $18 as well. But by the time you get there and get home, it might be better to just do rideshare if no one else will give you a ride.

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4 hours ago, O's84 said:

If no one is coming from my area whats the best way to get to Camden (from Bethesda by public transport)?

The Purple Line. :P

Just Kidding. That line: (1) Isn't yet a thing (it's still in the design/construction phase); (2) goes into D.C. via Washington Metro, not into Baltimore. And it won't be done until 2022.

No, but seriously. A little Google Maps sleuthing led me to find this "more or less ideal" public trans route for you, at least on the "outbound" direction. I want to warn you upfront that it will be costlier, take longer, and be riskier (if you miss a train) when you're trying to get home after the game. And the later you leave OPACY, the fewer options are available to you. Public transportation shuts down pretty early in the evening, and is basically dead after midnight.

It's very important that you bring with you enough cash (or a known good credit or debit card with $50+) and a cellphone, in case you have to call a cab to get home. Otherwise you might get stranded. You should also put the phone number for two or three cab companies into your phone and make sure you charge the battery before you leave (you might think this is obvious, but I really don't want to give you directions that will leave you stranded in Baltimore or at some train station somewhere; that would really suck!).

Here's your "perfect" departure route: https://goo.gl/maps/eK3eS5q3bU42

Basically, at around 4:00 on Friday, go to the Bethesda Metro Station, 7450 Wisconsin, Bethesda, MD 20814. If this station isn't within walking or biking distance from you, you may have to catch a bus -- can't help you there without a specific address. Build in additional time to your schedule (leave at 3:45) if you need more than 5 minutes to get to Bethesda Metro Station.

Catch a Metro train, Red Line towards Silver Spring, that departs Bethesda no later than 4:10. Ride it into Washington Union Station. It'll be 11 stops, about 25 minutes.

Get off the metro, and go up the escalator and transfer to the MARC train boarding area of the station (it's not far from the metro station). Catch MARC Train 852 on the Camden Line towards Baltimore. Ride it to the end of the line.

If all the trains ran on time, you'll be dumped out at the MARC train station that's right there at OPACY (directly across the street, about a 2 minute walk) at 6:00 PM. This gives you an hour to get your food or go to a bar before the game starts.

If the trains are late, you still have a good chance to be able to make it to OPACY before the game starts and catch the Star Spangled Banner. But it is absolutely critical that you don't miss MARC Train 852. As a former MARC ticket agent used to tell me, "People wait for trains; trains don't wait for people." If you miss the 852, you can catch the next MARC train, but you will not be there in time for the first pitch.

Unfortunately, on the way home, your options are extremely limited for public transportation. For starters, you can't take the Camden Line back home, because the last train departing Camden MARC Station is at 6:15 PM. They do this because every MARC Train has to end its operations in Baltimore at the end of the evening.

One option that will allow you to see about an hour and 30 minutes of the game (yuck) is to depart OPACY no later than 8:43 PM, and start walking towards a bus stop at Hopkins Place & Pratt St; take the 011 bus toward Towson Town Center; get off at Charles St; walk to Baltimore Penn Station; and catch the MARC Penn Line Train 453 (departing 9:15) to Washington Union Station. If you miss that train, you're screwed and have to call a cab or take Amtrak (which is hideously expensive), because that's the last MARC train out of Baltimore for the day. Details: https://goo.gl/maps/TDSWDZ8Fcwr 

Once you get to Washington Union Station, you just get on the Red Line toward Shady Grove and ride it to Bethesda Station, then you're basically home. This is a common theme for all the public trans options; your goal in getting home is to somehow get to Washington Union Station or, really, any Washington Metro Station (ideally on the Red line). WMATA operates the Metro late into the evening -- the trains run until midnight.

Here's the sort of route you could end up taking if you depart OPACY at 10:00 PM or later: https://goo.gl/maps/gCZCJUKJxPP2

Oh, and it's literally impossible that you'll be able to stay for a 4 hour game or Extra Innings and get home conveniently via public trans. If you wanna stay for extras or a long game, you will have to catch buses or call a cab. 

You can also catch an Acela Express train if you depart before 10:15 PM, like this one, but fare on Acela Express is $44.00 one-way -- ouch!!! Combine that with bus fares and you're better off calling a cab.

Here's a lovely 3 hour 30 minute route with 35 minutes of walking interspersed between buses, if you decided to leave at 11 PM: https://goo.gl/maps/28DPKsofiYA2

You can come up with these routes yourself by going to Google Maps, and putting in the time when you'd like to depart OPACY, set the date to Friday, and put in a destination of your home address. Google Maps knows pretty much every bus, subway and train route in the area, including Greyhound and other commercial and government buses, so it's really reliable and detailed.

I wish you the best of luck. My closing advice is, if you can't find anyone to drive you, you're going to have a somewhat difficult time getting home, and depending on how late you leave, it could take you upwards of 3 hours to get home and involve around a half-hour of walking. To minimize your pain, plan out your getting-home route in as much detail as you can before you leave, and have a backup route in your pocket as an alternative in case you get held up by up to half an hour later than you initially planned to leave -- in case you get too absorbed in the game (or a fellow fan's face ;)) to leave on-time.


I would offer to drive you, but I'll be departing from my home about 25 miles to the northeast of you (in central Maryland, Anne Arundel Co) and shooting up I-695 in my car to park near OPACY. It would add about 90 minutes to my trip in each direction to divert to Bethesda; that's more than I'm willing to suffer, even if you paid me $50 (which would more than compensate for the gas in my economy car, but wouldn't account for the time I'd have to spend on the road).

But I'll be in our OH section for the game. Hope to see you there.

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On April 18, 2017 at 6:29 PM, O's84 said:

Is anybody traveling from or near Bethesda? It'd be great if I could get a ride.

I used to live in Bethesda but not anymore. There is a slim chance I may be able to swing through Bethesda but it's too early to tell. Should have a better understanding of my schedule by tomorrow afternoon.

If you want to send me a PM and let me know which part of Bethesda you're in (near downtown, democracy Blvd, cabin John center etc that would be helpful, also at what time you're free that day etc)

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43 minutes ago, O's84 said:

Wow guys, A+ job on the details!  I'm going to pin this on my desktop for future (and present) reference.  I'll have to think about this a little and come up with a decision tonight but I'll let you guys know.

It honestly might be cheaper to rent a car for a day if you can't get a ride. Don't they have zip cars around pretty cheap?

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1 hour ago, SteveA said:

Just got my 2.   Row 20.   See you guys tomorrow!

Nice! Row 20 as well. Sent the tickets to phone, great option that's included now. Usually order from stubhub, scalpers or walk up box office so wasn't aware the O's allow tickets to be sent directly to phone now. Of course, prefer an actual ticket but don't care much for the print at home tix on paper.

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