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Seth Smith left the game with a hamstring strain


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26 minutes ago, wildcard said:

If he goes on the DL, who gets called up.  Rickard is not supposed to be ready.

My guess is they add a reliever.  Probably Bleier.

Let's see what Buck says in the presser.

I agree.  A reliever until Rickard is ready. 

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Just play Kim and call up Alvarez as a pinch hitter/emergency outfielder 


Let Gentry still be the defensive replacement/pinch runner.

Part of me wants to see what Mullins can do but I certainly understand the sentiment that we should not rush him just to come be a backup outfielder for a few weeks.

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Before Blier went on DL, he was knocking down door for starter spot (partially bc of ineptitude of rest of staff, but was good). 10-day DL for him, hope he comes back healthy .

I like the Pedro idea despite his batting average. 

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20 minutes ago, Frobby said:

We still have Jones, Kim, Gentry, Trumbo and Mancini, and Flaherty in a pinch.    I'd just go with those outfielders until Rickard is ready, and bring up an extra reliever.

Wilson, Nuno and Crighton are all optionable  though and unavailable anyways (Crighton is available). And Wilson...won't be missed. 

Regardless of what they do, no shortage of options!


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9 hours ago, ChuckS said:

Calling up Mullins is a bad idea IMO.  This kid is just getting his feet wet in Double A.  Let him continue to rake. I don't want to see him up here before September. 

I don't either. Buck should play Kim and be done with it. 


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