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Dan Connolly: Five Reasons Why The Orioles Will Be Better In 2017


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2 hours ago, PressBoxOnline said:

Dan Connolly lists five reasons he thinks the Orioles will be good this year -- and slightly better than last year, and he says he still believes in Orioles right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez. 


Well I sure hope all he believes will work out for the O's this season.  But Jimenez already stubbed his toe.  But hope he improves. Kevin last night had a bad game but he willl improve. 

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    • I chose option one …….learn to deal with/ ignore 
    • Elias doesn't seem like the type to get in a bidding war with anyone. Count me as skeptical.
    • I’m with you. I really hope we at least negotiated a fair deal that provides an abundance of ad revenue because the logos and branding is very prominent at this point. It’s not just a small patch.    Rubenstein still isn’t in the spotlight for me yet because I would also just be having a good time and making fans if I acquired a professional sports team. I don’t really care about increased spending at the deadline as much as I care about the quality of players we get (so Elias is on the hot seat more than Rubenstein in my mind).    But at the end of the day, I really don’t care about all the gimmicks (funny commercials, hat giveaways, Mr. Splash guest appearances, etc). If we don’t eventually see payroll expand, long-term agreements/extensions happen, and perennial commitment toward winning then fan sentiment is going to sour quickly. 
    • Verducci is apparently reporting that the Os and Dodgers are putting offer for Skubal.    https://www.si.com/mlb/2024/03/15/tigers-ace-tarik-skubal-steps-into-the-spotlight-as-detroits-opening-day-starter
    • As far as Rubenstein goes, I don’t fault him for taking advantage of additional revenue streams - again, capitalism almost requires it. You can’t be the only team (not to say the Os literally are) that isn’t taking advantage. But if payroll doesn’t increase relatively significantly in the next couple of years, then he’ll be no better than Angelo’s in reality. I think it will increase, but no one can be sure it will, until we see some contracts with a real financial commitment to them. And if we don’t see that, then eventually I’ll stop watching. I have no interest in developing the game’s stars of tomorrow, for other fan bases to get to cheer on. They need to keep some of these guys. 
    • It’s the commercialization of sports and it’s unavoidable. Getting your panties in a bunch about a sign at the stadium is just a waste of time at this point. I’d rather it not happen but that’s just capitalism - there’s never enough money no matter how much you have, that’s the American way! As evidenced by the HR Derby last night, which not only had commercials between every two hitters, but also commercials in the middle of each round, during the ‘timeout’ period. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules allowed for a timeout just for the sole purpose of selling more ad time. Lame, but it’s not going to get any better, ever. In fact it’s likely to get far worse, so we have two options - learn to deal with/ignore it, or find a new pastime.    This is the way. 
    • Yes indeed, it has . I don’t support naming rights either . Unfortunately we as fans , have no say on the matter . 
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