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Fangraphs: Joseph on the Maturation Process


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Very nice interview with Caleb.


Catchers are always playing percentages. You’ve got to know what he’s doing well that day, and you balance that with a hitter’s weaknesses. There’s a tug of war there. Let’s say a guy has a good slider, but today it’s inconsistent, and this guy hits sliders. I need to find a way to combat that.

“In that moment, with that certain pitch, is there a greater probability that he can execute it, versus something else? Ultimately, there’s a game plan, but at the end of the day, conviction is always the best pitch. If a pitcher doesn’t have confidence in something, then it’s not his best pitch.

“Again, you’re playing percentages. Yes, this might be the right pitch on paper, but if you’re not sure he can execute it, you might have to go to Plan B. That’s why calling a game can be challenging. Those types of decisions… we have to make close to 200 of them a night. By the end of the night, if you’re not exhausted mentally behind the plate, you’re not doing enough.


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