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June 1: Red Sox at Orioles


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Havnt checked the stats latley but i thought Cedeno and Gallagher were impressive

Cedeno is hitting an impressive .321/..398/.449/.847 in 78 at-bats over 34 games. By contrast, Brian Roberts already has 208 plate appearances.

Gallagher is still looking shaky in the majors, with an ERA of 5.68 over 19 innings.

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If the Os signed a Colon, it w/raise a lot of eyebrows. Why would a rebuilding team want this guy? The Sox are a contender, and this kind of signing makes a lot more sense for them.

I agree, I was just observing it was a good signing. I did not say the Orioles had any business signing him at all. This was a great move for a contending team.

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