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vs. WHITE SOX, 5/05


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2 minutes ago, scOtt said:

I have a picture of Joe Perry sitting beside Jimi's. Was in Rolling Stone.

We should have been able to find it, we had a cemetery map, but were stupid and lost our way.

"Rainy day, dream away" was in my head all today. Can't wait to play my vinyl again after I move. Everything's all packed up now.

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1 minute ago, Aristotelian said:

Just tuning in...I see Miley is out of the game. How bad was it?

Hit his left hand/wrist. He stayed in til he got hit again. Probably be sore and swollen, but seems ok.

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Just now, Can_of_corn said:

Wasn't my point.  I think fly ball pitches are given the short shrift in these parts.  You can be a fly ball pitcher and do well, even pitching in OPACY. 

What about our corner OF defense? 

Some fly balls that inning. Seems to me since the Hilton was built ball doesn't carry as much until it gets hot. I may be wrong but I didn't think the cold weather played as big a role before that. 

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