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DFA Ubaldo


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1 hour ago, baltfan said:

Who do we have that is better?  No problem With DFA'ing him but who is going to take his starts?   

My sister. Your sibling. ANYBODY. He has no business pitching for the Baltimore Orioles ever again.

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3 minutes ago, eddie83 said:

Previous seasons they always had more years on his deal. No longer the case.  

Ubaldo has done some on this best work late in the season when everyone else is tired and he has been bench sitting.   The O's will not DFA him IMO.   He goes to the pen until August.

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Just now, wildcard said:

Ubaldo has done some on this best work late in the season when everyone else is tired and he has bench sitting.   The O's will not DFA him IMO.   He goes to the pen until August.

Can't send him down. Not as big of a deal without Zach but he limits them down there. He was ok out of pen at times but he is also a guy up big in a blowout you cant. trust. 

Best thing may be a phantom DL move and then he goes on minor league assignment. 

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27 minutes ago, vab said:

Manny goes to whoever offers the best pitching prospects, period. This club has to address the pitching staff - nothing else matters until they get that straight. 

I know it's sacrilege, but I agree 100% with this.  We're not going to sign Manny.  The Os pitching for seasons has seemed like a threadbare sweater that seems to do the job, somehow, until one day it doesn't and it's barely there...

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2 minutes ago, RZNJ said:

The team is more important than any one individual.   This isn't the "Rescue Ubaldo's Career" team.   It's the "We want the best chance to win" team.   That means no Ubaldo in the rotation and no Ubaldo in the bullpen.    It will be a weight lifted off the rest of the team.   Whenever Ubaldo is in a game, even when he's pitching well (for Ubaldo), you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If I were the pitching coach on his next team, I would tell him to stop thinking he's a 5 pitch pitcher.   He can't command a single one of them.   For a guy who has trouble with command and release points it's comical that he attempts to throw a two seamer, 4 seamer, curveball, slider, and splitter.    I would treat him like a rookie and tell him to throw a 4 seamer and splitter and wouldn't even allow him to throw the other pitches.   Maybe he could figure a way to command two instead of not commanding 5.

I'm not sure he's going to have another chance. I could see this year being the last in his career. 

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8 minutes ago, RZNJ said:

Bud Norris made it all the way through July in 2015 and through the end of June before he lost his rotation spot.     I think we have more alternatives this year in both the rotation and the bullpen.    Asher, Ynoa, and maybe this kid Kipper for the rotation.    A bunch of guys for the bullpen.    I will be surpised if they release him after this game but I would be surprised to see him make it through the whole season.   I do not buy your "rested for his best work in September theory".     He should have been very well rested for April and May.

Bud was good the year before and missed a bunch of starts that year he lasted til June.  Ubaldo has been bad for a few years.

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    • Baseball Prospectus came out with their mid season top 50 with recent draftees on it.  3 Holliday 5 Mayo 12 Basallo Basallo was 12 with two recent draftees ahead of him. So we had 3 guys in the top 10. That’s not top 5, but that’s pretty darn close.
    • We really need to get the rotation more LH in the future. I heard a stat that since the WALL became a thing that we only have like 150 IP at by LH SP and our opponents have like 320 IP by LH SP at OPACY.  We rank like 28th in MLB in terms of IP by LH SP at home since the WALL.  We put up the darn wall. We should at least play to it in our home ballpark.  Povich and DeLeon are our only two LH SP prospects. 
    • The Burnes thing with some of you around here is extremely funny. He’s been durable over the last four years. Guys complain about the risks of trading prospects for Skubal, Crochet etc etc due to injury history.    I agree with @Greg Pappas and think Burnes would be a sound investment to anchor our rotation. I’m not saying you don’t insure the contract but it’s a good place to start a starting rotation and the first TOR we’ve had in years.
    • Look, I don't know you, and you certainly don't know me. I don't ask that ANYONE "White Knights" me. I enjoy this page because it is about the Orioles, the love of my sports life. I write impulsively at times, passionately most of the time, and perhaps at times, not up to you punctuation standards. But I will bow to no one in my love for this franchise and how I choose to express it. I don't really care that I get your approval. I do, however feel that your tone has been condescending and insulting. Enjoy your life, don't waste your time with red pencils correcting people's comments. It's simply not important nor worth it.
    • That Basallo, Mayo, and Holliday are still in the system on August 1st and that they acquired Mason Miller (somehow without including any of them in the trade), giving them a better bullpen and equipping them to roll the dice and see if they catch fire in October.
    • Also, I guess there's no set rotation by which they assign that 7th game and a four-game series to the Central and West opponents.  I thought it seemed strange to be playing Cleveland and Houston in a 4-game series yet again, and in fact it'll be the third straight year we played 7 games against Cleveland, and the third time in four years we played 7 games against Houston. In that same four year span we will have never played 7 games against Seattle, and only played the 7th game once against a few other Central/West teams.  Don't really care about this one way or another but I would have assumed it'd rotate around. 
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