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vs. TWINS, 5/24

Chavez Ravine

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Just now, bagman said:

I don't know how Buck gives Hardy that last at bat with Kim available. Starting to lose faith in Buck. The real problem is the starting piching and if it is not addressed this team is going nowhere. It is sad when a guy that doesn't even have a full year starting at the major league level is leading the rotation. 

Hardy's option isn't going to vest itself.

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3 hours ago, Tony-OH said:

True on the hitting, but I just think watching the body language of the club they are mentally out of it. I'm not sure there is another batter on MLB who goes 3-0 and then watch three straight strikes, two of which were fastball in the middle of the plate beside Chris Davis.

I'd sit him next game honestly. I know Buck won't, but I would. That was an utterly embarrassing at bat.

Maybe not next game, but maybe he sits him vs Keuchel Saturday.

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