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2017 33rd round pick (998): Ryan Wilson - LHP - Pepperdine

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  • 3 weeks later...

His debut in the GCL was 2 innings (0H, 1BB, 4K), but I think if he preforms, they'll give him a chance as a starter.  He has the repertoire and delivery for it.  He'll just have to earn it because he is a low round pick without plus stuff. 

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    • The missed third strike on Justin Turner in the 8th inning was one of the worst calls I've seen. He got lucky with the pitch clock strikeout to Devers but Baker gets out of that inning without giving up a run if that's called correctly. 
    • This is a pretty broad leap from signing Frazier, or trading Lopez, leading to Grayson being in in a mid-relief role. 
    • 1: I literally said, "there is big downside risk obviously." 2: Vick improved his passing in his early 30s before I think he got hurt and lost his starting job.  Lamar could do the same, which would counteract his loss of athleticism.  A ton of other quarbacks that improved in their late 20s early 30s.  Geno Smith wasn't a starter until he was, at age 33.  Alex Smith had worse accuracy numbers than Lamar for the first 5 years of his career before he figured it out.  You speak in absolutes as if you know exactly what's going to happen in the future with Lamar. 3: In 2029 you might be looking at backup qbs with 20 million salaries.  He'll still be tradeable if you really want to walk from him.  If you think he should be tradeable now then he'll likely be tradeable in 4-5 years. 4: Maybe we have different definitions of baggage, but when I think baggage, I think Aaron Rodgers going on darkness retreats and keeping the Packers in contract limbo for like 5 straight years.  Or Russell Wilson's office and plane ride antics.  Or Deshaun Watson.  Or Myles Garrett when he swung his helmet.  Lamar is negotiating a contract.  Poorly?  maybe, but that's not really baggage.
    • Not disagreeing with you it’s just a team that would likely trade for Urias would be “contending”.  Those types of teams just don’t trade away pitching. They don’t. So we’re looking at a prospect return, when right now we need MLB immediate help. 
    • Totally agree. The guy is a buffoon pure and simple. Might actually be WORSE than his father. I am starting to feel like this team will not be sold and we will be stuck w/ mediocrity for decades more to come. Prove me wrong John! Extend Adley and Gunnar and sign some bigger free agents next off season.
    • We desperately need Grayson to pitch his way into our rotation so that we can bump Wells to the pen. We might be better with Voth in the rotation over Wells right now because we need MR/SU help bad. 
    • I know that they played the same positions last year at Fenway, but I almost wonder if it would make more sense to just leave Hays in LF and Santander in RF (when he's in the OF) regardless of stadium. I get the logic of Hays covering more ground, but there is an adjustment to how the ball comes off the bat and I wonder if the overall defense throughout the course of the season would be improved if they consistently get the same looks, playing the same positions. Ultimately, it probably doesn't matter, but just me wondering. 
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