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Coco Crisp is a piece of --


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I think the Red Sox should let this drop, but I can see how they could feel that its their turn to get back at TB. All depends on how you feel about the "first shot" of Jason Bartlett covering the bag with his knee.

If you think thats an opening volley of "getting somebody", then Crisp going in spikes high was the retaliation, and should've "evened" things out. Then hitting Crisp starts a new round, and Boston now gets to get even again.

I think a clean but hard slide by Crisp should've evened things up, but him going in spikes high is more of an escalation than getting even, neccesitating the HBP, which evened things up. Crisp escalated again by charging the mound.

If I'm keeping score, I think TB owes Crisp another one, not the other way around. But I fully expect either Gomes or Navarro to take one in the hip the next time they play.

It's the Red Sox we're talking about.

Someone's gonna have a ball whizzing by their ear.

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