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The Idea That the Orioles Are Contenders Is Laughable


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3 hours ago, Tx Oriole said:

Now what good would that do? His contract is up next year. 

Prevent him from trying to make more panic moves because he wants to win now?


If Buck isn't in board he can go too.


Duquette is responsible for this catastrophe because he had zero backup plan to Tillman being hurt and Ubaldo being a projected starter.

This falls on Dan in my eyes, a historic collapse due to lack of viable depth and poor offseason signings (Davis and Trumbo???) with zero concern showed for the pitching situation.


We had a ton of money to spend and we spent it on a declining 1b who leads the league in strikeouts and another DH on a team full of them.

Maybe Angelos was behind Davis coming back but if Dan couldn't convince Peter it was a dumb signing then again, he's a poor leader who doesn't deserve his job.

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The lack of any foresight whatsoever from Duquette is a bit frustrating. This last off-season we needed to make some more significant moves than the ones we did; I suggested trading Tillman and Britton to try and get some young SP in there. Not to toot my own horn but those are two moves that would look good about now...


Now we're in a situation where it's looking like only a full rebuild is an option. Much credit to Duquette and Buck for what they've done but it's about time to move to a different sort of decision making, one with a bit more long-term vision involved, instead of just trying to squeak by every season on a best-case scenario basis. It was only a matter of time before best-case scenarios started turning into moderate-case scenarios or worst-case scenarios, which is why I predicted us to finish .500 or below this season. 


Thankfully we have chips to sell in Machado, Schoop, Britton, and Jones...now's the time to do so. If things go right can we challenge for the wild card this season? Probably, but again, that's thinking in best-case scenario terms. It's time to stop delaying the inevitable, and rebuild while we still can get nice returns for our pieces. 

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Everyone wants to blame someone.    But what about the fact that it simply isn't that easy for a team to contend every single year?   I don't think Duquette has been either great or terrible.    He's been competent, but there are 29 other teams trying to win, too.    Meanwhile, we're one game under .500.     

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42 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Everyone wants to blame someone.    But what about the fact that it simply isn't that easy for a team to contend every single year?   I don't think Duquette has been either great or terrible.    He's been competent, but there are 29 other teams trying to win, too.    Meanwhile, we're one game under .500.     

I hear you. It's very easy to play the blame game, too easy. But I think folks are "extra" frustrated because the team/organization has been in "win now" mode and that supposed window starts to close after this season. This is a particularly bad season in terms of future likelihood to win to lay a dud. In my opinion, it makes this season hurt a lot more and makes it easier to be frustrated with DD (and for me even Buck a bit). 

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On 6/24/2017 at 9:26 AM, Jagwar said:

Dan has steered the ship for multiple postseason appearances. He has gotten results for this team.

Is DD responsible for Trumbo becoming a power hitter with no power? Or Manny going from an all star to a .700 OPS player? Or multiple starters regressing? Or Britton being on the DL for most of the season? With O'Day Hardy, Davis and Castillo spending significant time on the DL? 

I think people are looking for a scapegoat. No team in baseball could sustain success with the amount of things that have gone wrong for the Orioles this year. i'm not saying everything Duquette has done is great, but other than Ubaldo, he had reasonable hope that the other four SPs could pitch well enough. No one could have foresaw Gausman and Tillman imploding. Sure you could have said there were warning signs with Tillman's shoulder last year, but he did come back and pitch decently. No one could have seen him becoming the worse starting pitcher in baseball over one offseason.

Add in the bullpen injuries, Machado's struggles, Chris Davis injury, and Trumbo's lack of power, and this team is lucky to be close to .500.


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    • Talking about hollering before your hurt...LOL...our bullpen is tied for the most wins at 16 and have the most SVO at 33 and they have the 6th best ERA at 3.44 and that's the only reason we are 15 game above 500 and we're 9th in Innings pitched but we do have 9 losses as a bullpen but that could be a lot worse considering we only have 3 guys that has pitched consistent which is why Hyde has a short leash but I'm sure if he left some of those middle relievers in longer and we lost 8 or 10 more of them SVO you all would at least think he was managing the bullpen correctly.... SMH.....  
    • Over the 35.33 innings of his last six starts, Dean Kremer has given up only 10 earned runs for an ERA of 2.55. In four of those starts, he's gone 6 to 6.33 innings.
    • I'm glad he's on our side.
    • Thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to see something just like this about Felix.
    • Oooooh. Didn't expect that recall. I'm excited to see it! Bruce has been grinding it out a long time in Norfolk. He started the season looking good, and he started 2022 looking good against Major League talent. Can he peform in June 2023 the way that he performed in April 2022? I hope so. I'm here to see it! I like the idea of left handed starters. Because we have none in the rotation and I want to see 2 good ones sprinkled in. I've got my popcorn, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Bruce Zimmerman can do!
    • Let's start with Ramirez... 1) He'll be 31 in September 2) He's signed thru 2028 3) There is $105M remaining on his contract for 2024-28, for baseball ages 31-35 (he'll be 36 when the contract ends 4) His power production has dropped dramatically in 2023 despite the fact his FB rate has increased 5) His overall offensive production is the lowest it has been since 2015 (age 22) I think the Indians might be happy to offload this contract if they could find a taker to give them some minimal value for it and they are not in contention. My conclusion: If the Orioles like him for the money over the next 5 years, he might be worth a 3-for-1 exchange of truly unknow prospect potential, but not Westburg, Cowser, or GrayRod.  Think 1 of Prieto OR Willems plus 2 more hard throwers from Delmarva.  I would be seriously concerned about how a contract like Ramirez' would constrain the Orioles from signing Rutschman or Henderson to the sort of extension that will make them career Orioles.  Just like in football, where fans are tossing out 2nd round draft picks like they were party favors, I really dislike trading any top 100 prospect and certainly not one that comes with a strong possibility for an over-market priced contract. Bieber... 1) He's 28 as of 5/31 2) This is his worst season since his rookie year with a depressed K rate, increased BB and over 1 hit/IP, but he's still hanging in with an ERA that is somewhat better than the league average. 3) He's making $10M this season and will have his final year of arbitration prior to 2024, which makes the cost of him with a 1.5 year horizon bearable if you can assume he'll maintain his current 110 ERA+.  In addition, given the short horizon and age, that's a much smaller risk than for Ramirez. 4) This is where ME and his team come in to see if they can identify WHY he's not pitching nearly as well this season in addition to the obvious "Will he put the Orioles over the top?" My conclusion: Bieber may well be sought after, but I wouldn't trade any of Westburg, Cowser, or GrayRod for him.  I'd probably be willing to trade either Rom OR Ortiz plus another couple of live arms from the lower minors.  Westburg plus 2 Delmarva arms for both Ramirez and Bieber would be an enormous risk (see Ramirez), but I could get behind it if ME and team have decided he won't be nearly the offensive threat he is now in Camden Yards.
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