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O's starting pitching really sucks


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I have been an O's supporter since my family first moved to Glen Burnie in 1960. These past 2-3 years I can't stand it. The O's starters really suck. This year the only starter who might start for any other major league team has been Dylan Bundy. The last three weeks even Dylan has been terrible. Who do we blame for this? I blame Peter Angelos! Every time the O's have tried to sign a former 'A' pitcher who has been recovering from an injury, Angelos has cast the deciding negative vote. Dan Duquette has been forced to try to sign suspect starting pitchers. Number one on the suspect list is the terrible contract with Ubaldo Jimenez. We are in the fourth year of a contract that has never been a positive. In my opinion the O's should have cut their losses this year and eaten the 14 million dollars for Jimenez and tried to find an 'A' lister who might actually contribute to the run.



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