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vs. ROYALS, 8/02


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19 minutes ago, spiritof66 said:

Since the All-Star break (and the HR Derby), Aaron Judge has 11 hits, 4 of them HRs, and 29 K's (sorry, punchouts) in 67 ABs, for a .164 BA. His OPS since the break is .657. I haven't been hearing much about him, except when he does homer.

Just sayin'.

But he's so tall. 

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29 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

I get the feeling Hardy isn't going to be healthy enough to return until September.  And even then, he'll be the back up SS. 

ON the radio buck went out of how to say how he sat JJ down to tell him not to worry he was the starter . 

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Just now, spiritof66 said:

I hear he's a lot taller than that little guy who plays second for the 'Stros.

And he's a wonderful young man. And, I almost forgot, soon to be the face of baseball. 

If the Stros play the Yankees in the postseason they will do a split screen of those two and giggle endlessly. 

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